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Found 1 result

  1. DavieReid88

    [Release] Panthera/Winthera Exile Files

    I run a Panthera/Winthera server myself and ive had quite a few messages about the mission files and so on, so i thought i would share a basic Exile.Panthera3.pbo file with loot positions for others to use. Personally i dont know why this map isnt more popular, IceBrakr has recently released a winter version which is included in the download. There are 3 traders in my version, Also a upgraded military base with the loot positions added to the table, Pictures are below Installation: To run this map all you need is CUP_Terrians_Core and the Panthera map itself. Download Cup Terrains Core from here Add to the server root - @CUP_Terrains_Core Download the Panthera3 map from here. Add to the server root and make sure the folder is called - @panthera_a3 Parameters used : -mod=@panthera_a3;@CUP_Terrains_Core; For Panthera: MpMission : Exile.Panthera3 For Winthera MpMission : Exile.Winthera3 You can download my basic pbo file here, when changing between Panthera and Winthera, Remember to change the PBO name aswell = Exile.Panthera3 or Exile.Winthera3 Here are the loot positions (Including new military base) Replace in your exile_server_config Here are some pictures of the map and traders Map: Trader #1: Trader #2: Trader #3 Simple Boat Trader: Upgraded Drulovka Military Base: