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Found 4 results

  1. CrypticLegend


    Server is no longer available
  2. M6mal

    server wipe

    if one does a server wipe , do you lose all of your players money , vehicles and territories etc.
  3. hieve

    Money max

    Hey guys, if I got over 999,999 it will be displayed wrong (1e²³etc.) and moreover it will after relogging be the real value. sooo... it should be 999,999 + 2 = 1,000,001 it is 999,999 + 2 = 1
  4. Hi guys, i am really disappointed this afternoon. Indeed, all my base/territory is wipe. It was FTG team base FTG Team serveur ; a very big base with 3 heliports, some walls upgrades... All is wipe exept safe and vehicule on the floor. Helicopters fell and exploded when i connected. Please, could you change the value "30 days" for territory by default? With the new Exile update 0.9.20, i think many admins server just put the new files and will customize the server later. Big mistake. In the coming days, many players will lose their bases and territory if this value is not change by server admin. I think this default value should be one/two years... Admin server can wipe useless base if they want. Exile mod is very good, but Exile mod can lose many players with this. Best regards, LordLovat