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Found 19 results

  1. Rifle0311

    Cant cut down trees

    Hey guys and gals , I'm having an issue with cutting down trees in the server . Some trees will come down but only produce a pile of wood you can only pick one piece up at a time . But not all trees in server can be cut nor do they produce the wood piles . is there another place to look besides Exile.Lythium.pbo \config.cpp and the Exileserver.pbo class WoodSource { name = "Trees"; models[] = { " t_", " bo_t_", " str_", " Smrk_", " les_", " brg_", " jbad_t_" }; }; /** * ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest * * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ private["_sessionId", "_parameters", "_treeNetId", "_tree", "_isTree", "_player", "_treeHeight", "_newDamage", "_treePosition", "_spawnRadius", "_weaponHolders", "_weaponHolder", "_weaponHolderPosition"]; _sessionId = _this select 0; _parameters = _this select 1; _treeNetId = _parameters select 0; try { _tree = objectFromNetId _treeNetId; if (isNull _tree) then { throw format ["Cannot chop unknown tree! %1", _treeNetId]; }; if !(alive _tree) then { throw "Cannot chop already chopped tree!"; }; _isTree = [_tree, "WoodSource"] call ExileClient_util_model_isInteraction; if !(_isTree) then { throw "Can only chop down trees, you twat!"; }; _player = _sessionId call ExileServer_system_session_getPlayerObject; if (isNull _player) then { throw "Unknown players cannot chop trees!"; }; if !(alive _player) then { throw "The dead cannot chop down trees!"; }; if ((_player distance _tree) > 30) then { throw "No long distance tree chopping! Nope!"; }; _treeHeight = _tree call ExileClient_util_model_getHeight; _treeHeight = _treeHeight max 1; _newDamage = ((damage _tree) + (1 / (floor _treeHeight) )) min 1; _tree setDamage _newDamage; if (_newDamage isEqualTo 1) then { _tree setDamage 999; }; _treePosition = getPosATL _tree; _treePosition set[2, 0]; _spawnRadius = 3; _weaponHolders = nearestObjects[_treePosition, ["GroundWeaponHolder"], _spawnRadius]; _weaponHolder = objNull; if (_weaponHolders isEqualTo []) then { _weaponHolderPosition = getPosATL _player; _weaponHolder = createVehicle ["GroundWeaponHolder", _weaponHolderPosition, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _weaponHolder setPosATL _weaponHolderPosition; } else { _weaponHolder = _weaponHolders select 0; }; _weaponHolder addMagazineCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_WoodLog", 1]; } catch { _exception call ExileServer_util_log; }; true
  2. Daybreak

    Helicopters Exploding on Landing

    Hi all, First off... LOVE the mod. Thank you!!! So, I've a recurring problem. I land my helicopter on top of my base and it explodes... say 1 time in 12-15. Enough that it's very close to game-breaking for me. It happens on concrete and wood floors with plenty of clearance and gentle landings It happens when the helo is at 100% health It happens irrespective of the direction I face when I land One base is on land, made of wood The other is built on a reef (both in Tonoa) and made of concrete On one base I'm landing above the flag, but it doesnt protrude On the other I am landing well aside from the flag, and it DOES protrude Is there a temp fix for this whilst I hope for a permanent fix from Exile?
  3. Eichi


    An old-fashioned tool used to chop wood. The axe is one of the few melee weapons in Exile and part of the imaginary tool brand Foolbox. It is mainly used to chop down trees to gather wood logs. It can also be used to hurt other players. Killing another player with the axe will result in a special frag type called humilitation to get extra respect. Even though it is a melee weapon, it requires the swing magazine to be used. Depending on the armor level of the opponent, it takes up to three hits to frag another player.
  4. camy25695

    Major problems with crafting

    Hi there! recently me and a couple of friends got our own dedicated server originally running 0.9.41 but is now running 0.9.6 and are facing major issues with crafting/placing objects. basically it starts with us not being able to gather wood. we can use the axe to hit trees but no wood is placed in our inventories or on the ground, we've tried the many guide on this site to try and fix that, including the hotfix but there is still no joy. to get around this i added wood to the traders, i can get wood that way and craft a workbench, fire and planks but thats it. even after placing the work bench in my territory and having the materials in my inventory when i try and make any wooden structures i get this error (see picture 1) and then, if i spawn the items in via the admin menu i cant place them and get this error (see picture 2). I've looked, and looked for a way to fix this but nothing seems to work. im all out of options so im hoping someone here can help! please! thank you all in advance!
  5. Hello, since the last update (clementine) it is no longer possible to "take all" when chopping wood for base building because the wood becomes very spread out. This makes the process of base building all that more aggravating because of this nuscence which I see no purpose for. Sure it might make it a bit more realistic but this is still a game. I don't know if this is just a server side setting or not but if it was part of the last update I think it definitely needs to be changed back.
  6. Eichi

    Wood Wall

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  7. Eichi

    Wood Window

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  8. Eichi

    Wood Support

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  9. Eichi

    Wood Stairs

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  10. Eichi

    Wood Plank

  11. Eichi

    Wood Floor Port

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  12. Eichi

    Wood Gate

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  13. Eichi

    Wood Floor

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  14. Eichi

    Wood Doorway

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  15. Eichi

    Wood Door

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  16. Eichi

    1/2 Wood Wall

    This is a placeholder.
  17. hi, the mod at the moment does not let us craft more than 5 planks, also does not let us craft more than one floor or wall, as they disapper
  18. Eichi

    Wood Wall (Reinforced)

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  19. Hey guys, I got a "little" problem. Actually i am a bit scared of building more Wood Storage Crates... Because everytime I do this and put some stuff in them they often disappear just after server restarts, i really don´t know where it depends on, i have never tried just building them without putting stuff in them and waiting for restart! But it is annoying and I lost quite much stuff cause of this... another thing i found out when i put some floors above my base these storage crates and my safes are moving really crazy. they lay on the ground and often they are turned over. Another thing I have found out while building my base is that wood walls sometimes change their position over restart eventhough i snapped them so they should normally not change their position cause of physics or something, anyways you can disable it wasn´t it like this ? Regards, Drunkenbear Sry for my bad english sometimes, i am from germany so excuse me