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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, you wanted it, I deliver it The Mosquito Series Steam Workshop Link Update 0.3 07.08.2018 Update 18.04.2018 Update 17.04.2018 Update 16.04.2018 Update 15.04.2018 It starts with the Mk I version. Specs. No payload max speed 90km/h fuelcapacity 35L Since it's a beta, I want to report bugs and issues in my discord so I can fix them.
  2. So thought I would officially share this collection, I use it on my dedicated server to help download Mods from steam workshop without having to install steam client. I had the idea originally, and then shared it earlier, then @joew00 had adapted the idea and improved on it. So this is a combined release from us both. You can download it at
  3. Patrix87

    Steam Workshop

    I'll probably quite some hate for this post but it's not like if I cared anyway. So what's the big deal with the Steam Workshop Terms and Conditions and the Arma 3 Community ? It seams to me that the Arma 3 Community is quite frighten by it for some reasons that are not quite clear to me so far... So here's the situation: You make a mod for free, You want a lot of people to play it, You want to keep ownership of your work, You're poor because you make mods for free so you can't really afford hosting. You want to track the number of downloads and subscription of your mod. You want people to use the latest version of your mod. You want your mod to be simple to install and use. You could release it on the workshop to fulfill all of the above, but you won't because you're scared of Gaben stealing your free stuff ? REALLY ? It's not like the guys wasn't crazy rich already... I think it's a shame that so many moders refuse to publish their amazing work on the best platform there is. I hope this trend is going to change some days because it's something that seems to be quite unique to the Arma 3 community and I feel like it's killing it. Just a few examples: RHS is much better than CUP in terms of quality but still, it is not played as much because it is not on Steam. JSRS is an amazing sound modification that nobody use because it is not on Steam. NiArms *(HLC) could have a lot more subscribers if it was published as a single mod pack instead of 42. How come Breaking Point and Epoch still even exist after Exile being fully released ? Many other mods lost in the depths of armaholic or bohemia's forums. Anyway, it's not like Arma 3 moders are not most stubborn creatures of the universe anyway, so I won't expect anyone changing their mind about this any time soon. Link to the said agreement :