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Found 5 results

  1. Alright, as I once mentioned, I was working on porting the Airdrop Assistance script that I created for A3Wasteland over to Exile. Thanks to the work of Shix on the XM8 App, it gave me the kick to actually get to work and get it ported. This release is the result of that. First, credit to those who have come before: Credits @Janski - @AgentRev - for use of some of the A3Wasteland Functions (Permission Granted from 'Rev) @CreamPie - for the original inspiration to create the A3W Airdrop @Brun - The Brama Cookbook provided me with spacing and such for the app layout @WolfkillArcadia - Advanced Banking compatibility sweetness! -Props to the others fellows whose code I perused to understand dialog functions better. -If I've forgotten anyone specific, speak up! Features Server-side creation of objects and money-handling Unlimited number of categories of drops and drop contents Configurable cool down timer between uses Vehicle Drops (currently non-persistent) Release Video - YouTube Github Repository Install Instructions (ExAd Version) 1) Install ExAd, w/ XM8 Plugin 2) Copy the client folder from the Airdrop Github to the Apps folder. 3) From the config.cpp in the Airdrop Github, you need to add the ExAd_APOC_Airdrop class to the CfgXM8 class within your mission config.cpp 4) You'll need to PBO the exad_apoc_airdrop folder from within the @ExileServer\addons and drop it into your server's ExileServer\addons folder. 5) PROFIT Config Notes You can set the respect threshold for each drop. That is the last numeric field in the included file. If you leave that field out, the script will treat it as if there is no respect threshold. Or so it should. You can copy your old configs over to the new system. You just have to make sure you leave the header and such in the new file. As well as line 11, #include "functions.sqf" Notes: So, the dialog is still kinda buggy. I probably need to add some cleanup lines to empty out the dialog so they reload properly. Side Note: Also, my config is crap, if you hadn't caught on to that. I just threw stuff in there to get some some data in. If someone comes up with a balanced config for a vanilla exile (no weapon/vehicle addons) crate arrangement, I'll gladly drop that in the repo and credit the kind soul who submits. Advanced Banking: So WolfkillArcadia was awesome enough to make the edits for compatibility with AdvancedBanking. So just check the config file for where that gets set. I have no idea if Advanced banking still works in this version of Exile, or if it's configs are still the same. So yeah, let me know if that part of airdrop is broken. April 2018 - Update So to be compatible with the latest Exile update that has native extra apps. Thanks to @=TZI= TWIIST for the update. You'll need to edit your CfgXM8 class to have the following: May 2018 Update I've updated the github to have a potential fix for the blank dialog issue. This was caused by the fn_createCombo function being removed from ExAd, which the airdrop script called upon. I've included that function in the app function definitions, so it should be all squared away now.
  2. I have an issue with XM8... When event happend, XM8 don't send notifications, but on side server the config is OK... rpt log say: 10:14:19 CallExtension loaded: XM8 (/srv/arma3/@ExileServer/ [P▒▒▒*▒▒] 10:14:19 "ExileServer - XM8 mesage sent: {""r"":[""76561198068980812""],""m"":""flag-restored"",""t"":""test""} ([0,'Config OK MainThread started'])" 10:22:43 "ExileServer - XM8 mesage sent: {""r"":[""76561198068980812""],""m"":""base-raid"",""t"":""test""} ([0,'OK'])" 10:32:52 "ExileServer - XM8 mesage sent: {""r"":[""76561198068980812""],""m"":""flag-stolen"",""t"":""test""} ([0,'OK'])" XM8Log say: [0,'Config OK MainThread started'] [27-7-2017_11-15-19] XM8Log: Data sent to server: {"r":["76561198068980812"],"m":"flag-restored","t":"test"} [27-7-2017_11-15-19] XM8Log: Server returned: STATUS: 200 MESSAGE: {"r":"fail"} tcpdump dst port 80 say: 12:21:40.915151 IP Arma3server.45178 > Flags , seq 4162387452, win 29200, options [mss 1460,sackOK,TS val 140513016 ecr 0,nop,wscale 7], length 0 12:21:41.164636 IP Arma3server.45178 > Flags [.], ack 1504358293, win 229, options [nop,nop,TS val 140513078 ecr 817354214], length 0 12:21:41.164717 IP Arma3server.45178 > Flags [P.], seq 0:310, ack 1, win 229, options [nop,nop,TS val 140513078 ecr 817354214], length 310: HTTP: POST /api/sendMessage HTTP/1.1 12:21:41.416918 IP Arma3server.45178 > Flags [.], ack 156, win 237, options [nop,nop,TS val 140513141 ecr 817354277], length 0 12:21:41.459073 IP Arma3server.45178 > Flags [.], ack 157, win 237, options [nop,nop,TS val 140513152 ecr 817354277], length 0 This indicates that the http request has gone out to XM8 server! Never get any message on my phone, but I send broadcast message from the web xm8 and work correctly... I running 64bit linux version compiled over Debian 9. NOTE: At web say this message: Connection Problems Our backend servers have never received a notificiation from your Arma server. Check our forums for help. But, on the forum don't have nothing solution about this, only little thing that I was probe with this... _nslookup resolve to Address: have correct permissions, but it is the same because arma3server run with root owner _My server is behind a firewall, but outgoing any ports and protocols are open, only incoming traffic are filtered except arma ports 2302-2305... Outgoing connections to port 80TCP and UDP are not filter... _Have static IP address and don't have proxy _Have latest Exile and ExileServer version "Lemon" I wish someone could tell me what's going on. @Eichi need U help!! Something's wrong and I do all OK!!! Tanks 4 help!
  3. Nailz


    MBG has been around a few years but we want to expand our community!
  4. ciberloky


    Hello we are a group of friends who formed the uei clan, played almost everything, and we invite you to visit our exile server nad speak with us in our ts, we are open to suggestions because we are new to this kind of servers. Greetings to the whole community
  5. Johnny82

    The Fluffy Basement

    'The Fluffy Basement' is a hardcore PVE survival based Arma 3 Exile server based in Ireland, free for all to play. We are a small group of friends who love and play this game regularly. Our goal is to create a realistic, hardcore, survival Exile server and at the same time create an intense and captivating gaming experience.