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Found 21 results


    spawned vehicle

    Hello, can anyone help me with one thing, im using a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps to spawn quad, and the problem is clients dont pack them after they use it, so they are all over the map, how can i make i timer for this vehicles so they will despawn if you dont interract with them??? thank you
  2. John Dogs for Arma3 Exile: made by JohnO About @John JohnO created this script and many others for Arma3 Exile. Unfortunately JohnO left Exile but was kind enough to let me release the script again. Some of JohnO's work includes Exile Reborn, Weather Script, Travelling Traders, Air Drops and Mission Events. Description: Spawn an ai dog from your XM8 and command it. How it works: Deploy a dog from your Xm8 using x1 beef parts. Scroll on the spawned dog with another set of beef parts & choose "Tame Animal". The dog can now be commanded. Rules: Can't deploy the dog in a safe zone (you have to set the safe zones up in the file JohnO_fnc_following.sqf). You can only have one dog per restart. Install: Install Instructions: John Dogs from your XM8. Install ExAd by @Janski Drop the DeployVehicle folder into your.mission\ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\DeployVehicle Drop the Deploy Vehicle server file in your @ExileServer/addons/exad_dv.pbo In config.cpp search for class CFGXM8 Add the following to extraApps[] = { }; "ExAd_Dog" The line should now read: Underneath the extraApps line add: (change XM8_App01_Button to the app number that is spare eg. "XM8_App01_Button" "XM8_App02_Button" "XM8_App03_Button" ) Add this line to your config.cpp file Custom Code Section: Now drop the "custom" folder into your.mission.pbo Add this line in your description.ext file: note that if you already have class CfgSounds in the description.ext just add the line below to your CfgSounds: Add these lines to your init.sqf: 9. Now change the price of the dog, x2 beef parts are needed. In config.cpp search for BeefParts and change the line to: Infistar Settings: Add "Craft Vehicle" to the allowedActions section: Future Requests (please help): The dog will attack other players, but only the owner can hear the dog bark & the player scream. I would love for the sounds to be global. Here is the code currently being used: I can get the dog into a vehicle, but can't get it back out. Here is the code currently being used:
  3. Shix

    XM8 Apps Repository

    This is a thread is a collection of Apps for XM8 Apps Build Here By Andrew_S90 Use: Allows players to test the spot they are at to see if they can place their territory there Info Page By Shix Use: Allows server owners to display info & Rules within the XM8 View Distance By Shix Use: Allows Players to change their view distance Player Stats By Shix Use: Allow players to view their stats in game through the XM8 Player Scan By Shix Use: Allow players to scan a given area around them for other players Link To Repo If anyone has any scripts that they have made and would like to be showcased feel free to PM me If you have any Request for Apps feel free to post or PM me
  4. Im having some issues after updating to Exile 1.04, i had loot spawning on Charnarus Redux map before 1.04(server was off since December 2017, so i updated mods and exile) after updating loot stopped spawning, i went through and i think i added everything that i added before in 1.03 to make loot spawn but its still not spawning. Also having an issue with ExAd XM8 Apps, all of the icons are in the same spot at the top left of the xm8(just off screen and all images for buttons combined) i also updated this to the latest version to see if that would fix it but it didnt. If you need my description/config files let me know. If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. (I might also be looking for someone to help develop the server, i run popular Dayz Standalone servers atm called Trump’s Wall)
  5. Matijs

    [DeadZ] Exile Chernarus Redux

    We are proud to announce that we are starting again with a new server! At this moment we have set-up a server on the Arma 3 Exile mod, trying to get exile to feel as much as the good old DayZ mod from Arma 2. Features Chernarus Redux map with a shit ton of open buildings Humanity System Respect completely gone from the server Custom zombie system As close to DayZ from Arma 2 as possible R3F Logistics Towing, Lifiting & Crate Loading Claim vehicles which aren't claimed yet Virtual Garage Adjustable Status Bar Extended XM8 Apps Virtual Garage Management Statsbar settings Server Info View Distance Settings Journal Deploy Bike / Quad Airdrop A wide range of AI missions Hero & Bandit missions edited to fit with the humanity system Also events (like crashed heli's) Hero & Bandit traders Custom trader prices (more balanced) Custom loot tables & placement. More loot and balanced. Sector B DayZ Mod style status icons Revive with defibrilator HALO Jump from helicopter Ground spawn Kill messages Server running on 64-bit with avarage server FPS of 80 Radiation areas Spawn with random clothing Custom time cycle Alot of custom buildings & areas on the map [SOON] Vehicle ammo buy system (scroll on your vehicle & buy the ammo you need for it) And many more Downloads We are using some mods to make the experience better: Exile, CUP (Terrains/Weapons/Units/Vehicles), NATO SF & Russian Vehicles, CBA, ChernarusRedux, DS Houses, Zombies & Demons Downloads & info here: Edit: new IP updated: Edit: removed CM Zombies as it is not on steam workshop anymore.
  6. manta

    Yorkshire Exile Malde and Cherno

    Yorkshire Exile - Malden port 2302 Yorkshire Exile - Cherno potr 2308 A nice Custom crazy yet dodgy and some how works Edited map Roaming AI Lovely DMS missions We had permission from the Lovely guy himself Second Coming to use Yorkshire in are server name even though his was Exile Yorkshire and ares is other way round thought we'd be nice and ask :), so please don't think its his work :P, its work of his friends
  7. Autismo69


    We have our server on the A3Launcher named as (DGT) EXILE CHERNARUS|MILITARIZED|35K START|MISSION|BASEBUILDING| AND MORE| The server IP is We are a new community trying to get players on this fresh server which is really nice! I want to be able to have players on this new server and enjoy playing the game as it is so fun! Our Discord is Our Website is Feel free to stop by and give advice or join the server it is awesome see you on the battlefield! We have battlezones, missions, wastedump, base building, lots of loot, XM8 apps, militarized, tanks, jets, attack choppers, and more! The mods include: TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms, Open Chernarus Project, Exile, Extended Base Mod (Exile), CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, CUP Terrains - Maps, Enhanced Movement, Cup Terains - Core and CBA. (REQUIRED)
  8. Morpheus_34

    [GER]PVE DAUV Exile/Altis

    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community Wir von DAuV möchten euch unseren Arma 3 Exile Server etwas näher bringen und euch Diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen. DAuV exestiert schon seit 01.08.2016 und ist eine kleine wachsende Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. Server Features: Startgear Statusbar Aktive Admins 10k Start Guthaben Random AI & Patrole Dynamische AI Missions vemf Missions Towing High Loot Xm8 Apps Heli crashes Snap Building Extended Basemod Private Nachrichten Infistar AntiHack Safezone to Safezone Taxi Service und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf DAuV spielen? Um auf unserem Server spielen zu können benötigt ihr: Exile Mod Extended Basemod Advanced Towing Server IP: TS³:
  9. Morpheus_34

    [GER]PVE DAUV Exile/Tanoa

    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community Wir von DAuV möchten euch unseren Arma 3 Exile Server etwas näher bringen und euch Diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen. DAuV exestiert schon seit 01.08.2016 und ist eine kleine wachsende Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. Server Features: Startgear Statusbar Custom Spots 10K Start Guthaben Aktive Admins Random AI & Patrole Dynamische AI Missions vemf Missions Towing High Loot Xm8 Apps Heli crashes Snap Building Extended Basemod Private Nachrichten Infistar AntiHack Custom Bridges Safezone to Safezone Taxi Service und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf DAuV spielen? Um auf unserem Server spielen zu können benötigt ihr: Exile Mod Arma 3 Apex Extended Basemod Advanced Towing Server IP: TS³:
  10. [zK] Nevets

    DE99 Gartenkriege -Tanoa EXILE

    Läd jeden ein Tanoa zu Entdecken. Was haben wir zu bieten? - Aktive Admins - Fünf SafeZones/TraderZones - viele BoatDealer - eigene unveröffentliche Missionen - Virtuel Garage - Virtual Garage Hacken und noch vieles mehr. Schaut einfach vorbei !!! Euer GartenkriegeTeam Mehr Video´s unsere Spieler:
  11. dan3ko

    [ES] Los Osos Clan

    Servidor Español de Exile, con zombies y mucha IA. Se pueden remolcar coches, bajar de los helis haciendo rappel y muchas cosas mas, entra y sobrevive!!! MODS necesarios: Exile CBA_A3 CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod Ryanzombies RZ Infection
  12. GGWOLF


    Welcome to [GG] global gaming We've recently got back into ArmA3 with the excellent Exile mod on the stunning map Tanoa. We're not running any weapons mods at this time as we're trying to keep the downloads to a minimum. We are however by far not a vanilla server. We're running a3_dms alongside a3_occupation as well as ZCP we have roaming ai both on foot and in vehicles, as well as Police raids & air patrols. We have many XM8 apps set up such as Virtual Garage/Spawn Bike/Spawn Quad/View Distance/Fully customisable statusbar with Halo/base jumping too, although the awesome ExAd package. We've added quite a few extra vehicles around the map for you guys to rob at your hearts content. We welcome players of all walks of life, rival clans too. Players who sign up to use our website will receive and extra 5k in start up tabs. We have an experienced & active admin team to fully support our servers, we also consider suggestions & all feedback given.
  13. UV

    [TPK] The Peace Keepers

    Welcome to The Peace Keepers Exile. We are a bunch of friends trying to make a good place for people to hang out all over the world. We have high FPS due to the fact we are trying to stay away from mods. We will be building our own custom Missions and custom Traders. Our rules will be very simple and can be found in game or on our Website We love large group's to come hang out with us. Ever play an exile server where they told you that your group was too big or you was scaring off the new players then this is the server for you. All mission have at least 8-15 Ai's and the larger base mission's have in the range of 25-35 AI. There are roughly 15 Different missions in total at present more too come soon. This will not be a pay to win Server at all, any donations will not earn you any bonus or extra in-game content, If you donate more than $5 a month you can get your own ts3 channel for you and your friends, Plus a VIP tag in ts. We love PVP so come and join us ! If you have any questions Just don't be scared to ask in TeamSpeak. we now make use JSRS3: DragonFyre EDEN if you have it then you can use it ! We have Re-Arm/Repair at petrol stations ! so no more waiting for a server restart to rearm those empty Guns on your vehicles. We have Bounties via the Office Trader and Virtual Garage via base laptop. For all the latest info on updates to server etc please check our website news page: Latest Server News Current mods are: Cup Weapon, Units & Vehicles, CBA_A3, Exile, Extended Base mod (optional), JSRS3: DragonFyre EDEN 1.3 (optional sound mod). We also make use of these features: Virtual Garage, Bounties, Re-Arm/Repair, Custom Air Drops, Advanced Towing, Chop wood direct to vehicle, Status Bar, AI patrols in helis and vehicles, DMS missions, Vemf Missions, Random AI spawns with para drops, Enigma Revive, XM8 App's : View Distance, Player stats, Server Info, Scan for players & Base Info, Brama Cook Book. we are always working to improve the server.
  14. taker

    [GER] Gaming Team Exile Tanoa

    Das Gaming-Team freut sich Euch unseren neuen Arma3-Server vorstellen zu dürfen. Server-Information Name: [GER]Gaming Team Exile Tanoa Custom Map|NPC|Missions|Crafting Address: Port: 2312 Status: Online Mod: Exile Map: Tanoa Wie komme ich auf den Server ? Gebt einfach diese IP im Multiplayer unter Direktverbindung ein und ihr werdet auf mit unserem Server verbunden. Damit ihr ihn beim nächsten Mal schneller wiederfindet, könnt ihr den Server als Favorit auf der linken Seite mit Markieren des Sterns setzen. IP: Port: 2312 Falls ihr Ideen oder Anregungen habt schreibt sie hier ins Forum oder schickt mir eine PN. Viel Spass beim Zocken taker
  15. z3sp

    [District Se7en] Exile Namalsk

    District Se7en proudly presents and ArmA 3 Namalsk Exile Server! I started this server with the purpose of trying to revive the old style DayZ servers where it is more survival based rather than high loot/PvP based. So with that in mind, loot is scarce, weather conditions such as fog, overcast and rain play into the server. I want to try to recreate the awe and buzz back when ArmA IIs DayZ mod first came into the public domain. We have not packed the server full of high loot. The server runs Namalsk, as I feel that It is probably one of the best maps to recreate a survival feeling. We firmly believe that base building is the way forward, which is why we have increased the amount of items you can build in a territory by 20 for each level. We have a strong ruleset for base building, we dont want those eyesore sky bases which are built for PvP, we want nice, aesthetically pleasing organised bases. Server Mods [Required] @CBA_A3, @Exile, @Namalsk, @CUP_Weapons, @CUP_Units, @CUP_Vehicles. Additional Addons: MarXet: - A System that allows players to put items up on the market for a price they desire and other players can buy them. AKA Auction House, found in Trader City Defiants Mission System: - AI Group Spawning, Static and Dynamic Missions Exile Occupation: - A System that spawns AI to occupy towns and city, bambi AI [Friendly to Players] spawn and fight enemy AI, Random loot crates, Roaming AI and DayZ Styled Heli crash sites. Zupa Capture Points: - Allows Players to take control and capture a generated base for a set amount of time, capture it as a group or solo, once captured, a crate will parachute down and give weapons, clothing and poptabs as a reward. - AI is the first line of defence and will attack close to capture. Base is cleaned up [Deleted] via a carpet bomb 300 seconds after capture. We plan on implementing the following but I am having issues installing XM8 apps at the moment. - Virtual Garage - Lock Grinding - Base Hacking - Repair Mate - Recopies - Custom Airdrops [For Poptabs] - Deploy Bike Note: The server still needs quite a bit of tweaking, as do the forums, if you want to contribute to the forums, please do so, it will greatly help. As a registration reward, we will give you 10000 Poptabs free. Also note you start with 10k Poptabs too. This is a server I am really hopeful of, so come and join us. Thank You, Saiko D7 Owner
  16. xXLaser


    Our Server is PVE only. It has all of the popular AI Missions installed so there is always something to do. We all vehicles from the Offroader to the T-140. Also Armed Helicopters are available for purchase. For better (or funnier) looking bases we have Extended Base Mod installed. And because sometimes is quit empty even with the Roaming AI we got Ryan's Zombies and Demons. I hope some of you will have a look. Have fun!
  17. [SBD] Neff

    SBD Exile Altis

    SBDGamerz welcomes all players to our new and custom scripted server on Altis, containing tons of new scripts that are sure to keep players interested. Server admin and owner, [SBD] Mossy, is constantly working on and adding new features almost daily per request of players and the community. Everything from towing to base raiding, roaming ai to ai missions and patrols, and XM8 crafting and other apps lead to an experience where youll never be bored! All scripts are custom to fit the server for the best frame rate youll see on any server! Come check us out at SBD Exile Altis or as well as the teamspeak listed where admins are always around to assist with any issues, and players are sure to enjoy their time. New scripts coming very soon! Join with friends and receive 5000 pop tabs for each from [SBD] Neff in TS listed!
  18. fiodor

    EU/PL STARma Exile Altis Zombie

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! We want to say few words about our ARMA 3 server. We are just two guys who enjoy playing modded Arma (like Exile etc.) so we decided to create our own server. We spend quite a lot of time to make this server playable and fun. We know it still need some fixes and we listen to everyones' advices to make it better. The real thing this server lack are players. We are hosting this server from Poland but is addressed to every EU players so bring your companions and have fun We hope you will stay with us for a bit! Witam Panie i Panowie! Chcielibyśmy powiedzieć parę słów o naszym serwerze Arma 3. Jesteśmy dwoma graczami, którzy lubią pograć w Armę na modach w stylu Exile, więc postanowiliśmy stworzyć własny serwer. Spędziliśmy już dość dużo czasu żeby serwer był grywalny i zabawny. Wciąż wymaga trochę poprawek więc słuchamy waszych porad żeby go polepszyć. Potrzebujemy jedynie aktywnych graczy. Nasz serwer stoi w Polsce ale mile widziani są gracze z każdego zakątku Europy, więc przyprowadź kompanów i bawcie się dobrze Mamy nadzieję, że zostaniecie z nami na dłużej! Required mods: Exile Mod Features: 4 Hour Restarts 60 Slots Zombies (Something for DayZ fans) Virtual Garage Revive (Defibrillators) AI Missions Balanced Loot (OP Weapons Like LYNX And LRR Are Quite Rare) More XM8 Apps (Player scaner, view distance etc.) Custom player status icons (DayZ style) Rocket Launchers (Rare Loot On Missions) Events with prizes And More Soon
  19. Kappa Slappa

    [UK/EU] ERM Exile |0.9.6|1.56|

    Welcome to ERM Gaming community Exile Server. ERM Gaming is a popular community which started off with just one Wasteland server which is now very popular. So as a growing community we are offering more servers including this Exile server...... for more information on our other servers visit our website. Our Exile server has become my own personal project to which I hope will become popular. ERM Gaming Exile features include.. ● Dedicated Server ● High FPS ● 15.000 Starting PopTabs ● A3XAI - Roaming Ai ● DMS - Static Ai missions ● VEMF - Town Invasion style Ai missions ● XM8 APPS ● Igiload ● R3F ● MAS Weapons & Vehicles ● Active Admins Some Server Rules : ● No safe zone camping / Trolling ● No safe zone stealing ● No Building on Military Zones without asking Admin first. ● No glitching or Duping ● No building on main roads
  20. [ESF]_Bloodyyy

    ESF Community Exile Server

    We are a German Multigaming Community. The Server run in Realtime! The KI/AI can steal your "Unlocked/Locked" Car! Hallo an alle, nach längerer pause werden wir mal wieder im Bereich Arma3 Aktiv! Wir haben uns dazu entschieden einen "Exile" Server zu erstellen, der den Ansprüchen unserer Community gerecht werden kann. Zur Zeit sind nur 40 Slots offen, sollten wirklich mehr benötigt werden können wir schnell auf 100 Slots erweitern Was ist so besonders an unserem Server? Eigentlich Nix! alles schon mal da gewesen! Was den Server besonders machen soll sind die Spieler darauf! OK! Hier die Eckdaten: Map @Namalsk <-- das ist ein Download! Map info = 40 Slots Hohe FPS (So die Umfrage Ergebnisse im Durchschnitt 40-50 FPS) Einige XM8 Apps eBase - Bestellen von Support Drops Player Stats Player Scan View Distance Server Infos Crafting über das XM8 AI/KI Einheiten die willkürlich um herlaufen, einige sind Freundlich andere nicht! Aber Achtung! KI/AI Einheiten können euer Auto Stehlen auch wenn es gelockt ist! Revive System, ihr benötigt einen Defibrillator Ja das war es auch schon! Ich hoffe der ein oder andere schaut mal vorbei!