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Found 24 results

  1. EclipseGaming2021

    SilentDespair|Exile Chernarus

    New server looking for players, I have hosted many servers in the past and i am excited to launch my Arma 3 Exile Server It has high loot, slow zombies, towing 25K start and much more to offer! We look forward to seeing you on the server!!
  2. Here I will be releasing my scripts in almost a blog style format. [XM8APPS] XM8Paintshop Difficulty: Easy Desc: Allows players to paint their vehicles with whatever RGB colors they want. Allows 4 Saved colors + preset colors by admin. Does not save over restart. Images: Download: [XM8APPS] TransferRespect Difficulty: Medium Desc: Allows players to Transfer Respect. Players can lose up to 10%(admin configurable) of transferred respect and 10+ players must be online to transfer(admin config.) Images: Download: Note all transfers are logged to .rpt, including amount, sender, reciever, hijacker and online players. [XM8APPS] MapMarkerApp Difficulty: Easy Desc: Allows players to make 6 private map markers that stay over restart/relogging. 9 changeable colors, 4 changeable descriptions, can turn on and off individual markers and change the location at will. Images: Note: Players will have to go into the app and press load changes to see the markers after restart/rejoin.. or load the app twice! Download: [XM8APPS] BaseLocatorApp Difficulty: Easy Desc: Allows players to test the location that they are standing on and see if you are able to build there Images: Download: [XM8APPS] XM8ThermalScannerPro Difficulty: Hard Desc: Allows players to upload their scans from Thermal Scanner Pro. Can enable/disable scroll menu on objects via the App, so you don't accidentally waste scans when scrolling fast. Images: Note: This will allow you to add half used Thermal Scanners, it will take how many uses are left, not the default 5. Download: [MISC] 8G Network Group Colors Difficulty: Medium Desc: Allows players to see their group members as the same color when in the Players App in the XM8 Download: [MISC] Extra Inventory Buttons Difficulty: Medium Desc: Allows the addition of two extra buttons to the bottom of your inventory. Download: Updated for Exile, added an example to show how you would exec a script from a button. 29/03/16 Post below if you need any help! Thanks all
  3. TGC Admin/Dev - Nico

    Typical Gaming Exile Server

    New Arma 3 Exile Server. We hope to provide a excellent experience within our servers, with our friendly and active admins. We hope to see you around.
  4. GolovaRaoul

    PNG Exile Chernarus

    PixelNationGaming is proud to announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile Chernarus Server! We've spend a whole lot of time into this server, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! With active admins and server being regulary updated, we hope you will enjoy your stay! Current server features on 13/9/2017 Mods we are currently running: · Exile · CUP – Core · CUP – Vehicles · CUP – Weapons · CUP – Units · NiArms – Complete · TRYK MultiPlay Uniforms · CBA · Extended Base Mod · Enhanced Movement · South Zagoria Mod (!) Current Server Features: · 64 Bit Server · 27+ Custom Made Dynamic Missions, 6 Custom Made Static Missions with more to come! · Sector X (Huge Ai Island with Big Rewards!) · Zupa Capture Point's · Militarised (Tanks/Jets/Attack Heli/Armed Vehicles) · Custom High End Traders which Sells Raid Kits/RPG's/Concrete Building Materials and Tanks/Jets/Armed Helicopters/Armed Vehicles which do not have a Safezone · Harvest Weed Script · Vector Building · Base Painting · Extended Base Mod · Revive Dead Players · Random DayZ Style Heli Crashes (no marker on map) · Random Gear Crates protected by Ai (no marker on map) · Improved Killfeed in Chat · Custom Trader Cities · Custom Map Content · Respect Loadouts · 3D Preview at Traders · Search Function at Traders · Virtual Garage at your Base (Flag Pole) · Lone Virtual Garage for the Lone Wolfs, available at Vehicle Trader · 4 Types of Side Events · Crate Drops · Enhanced Movement · Halo/Ground Spawn · Custom Traders · High Custom "Militarised" Loot · Automatically Eject Body’s when it’s stuck in exploded vehicle · Deploy Quad (1x DuctTape) or LittleBird (2x DuctTape, 1 Junk Metal, 1 Metal Board, 2 Light Bulbs) · Base Raiding (from cracking doors to hacking safes and virtual garages) · Fully Configurable StatusBar · Basespawn feature (15min Cooldown) · Lockers which hold 3 Million Poptabs · Safes hold 500k Poptabs · Anti-Theft in Safezones · Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles with a CodeLock · ServicePoints at Gas Stations (Repair/Rearm/Refuel) · BRAma Recipes XM8 App · View Distance XM8 App · Player Scan XM8 App · Journal XM8 App · Private Chat XM8 app · AirDrop XM8 App · Toggle Sidechat XM8 App · AntiHack by BattlEye and infiSTAR · Towing System · Anti Sky Base (max 20m) · Nice Weather · And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  5. System_Shock

    [EU/UK] This Is How You Died

    Very new Exile PVP Zombie server , has all the essential mods you would like to find in a zombie apocalypse.. like the ability to scale walls to Eecape {Enhanced Movement). you would be surprised the amount of zombie servers that do not think this is essential. we have R3F to help you load those pesky loot crates into your car for a hasstle free journey back to the traders. Plenty of weapons mods to keep you interested. All those fancy XM8 apps you know you need, spawn bike/Quad, private chat, Cook book, Lock grinding a Fair pop tab economy were weapons and ammo are expensive. but on the flipside you will also find they sell for a bomb too. (whooo loot crates are actually worth money!) a whole host of other features and open to suggestions Check us out!
  6. KKH

    North Star Groups

    NordStarGroup с гордостью объявляет об открытии Arma 3 Exile Chernarus сервер! У нас тратить много времени на этот сервер, и мы надеемся , что вы будете наслаждаться этим столько , сколько мы делаем! С активными админами и сервером будучи регулярно обновляются, мы надеемся , что вы будете наслаждаться вашим пребыванием! Текущие возможности сервера обновляются на 07/5/2017 Текущие возможности сервера: 33+ выполненные на заказ динамических миссий. Zupa Capture Point, Строительные материалы / Вооруженные вертолеты / бронетехника. Случайные DayZ Стиль Heli Сбои (не маркер на карте) Случайные Зубчатые Crates защищенных Ai (не маркер на карте) Улучшенная Killfeed (показать, что пистолет / место) Самодельные Трейдера Города + Карта Editions Уважайте Loadouts. Высшее Респект -> лучше Loadout! Виртуальный гараж Extended Base Mod Halo Перейти Пользовательские Traders High Custom "Военизированная" Loot Пользовательские карты контента на всех трейдеров города и аэродромы Развертывание Quad велосипед или велосипед База Рейдерство (от взлома двери для взлома сейфов и виртуальных гаражей) Полностью Настраиваемый StatusBar Пользовательский день / ночь цикл функция Basespawn Bigger Lockers (100 к) Брама Рецепты XM8 App Анти-Вор в Safezones Просмотр Расстояние XM8 App Сканирование игрока XM8 App Журнал XM8 App ПриватЧате XM8 приложение Переключить Sidechat XM8 App antihack буксировка системы Вектор Строительство И гораздо более маленькие хитрости и дополнения! Приходите посмотреть на себя
  7. Spankin

    [WCD] Exile Tanoa

    Find out more HERE or Find use thru A3Launcher, just filter for WCD *IP: *Mods Required: Exile Mod - Extended Base Mod - CUP:Weapons - CUP:Vehicles - CUP:Units - CBA - TRYK Uniform 20k Starting Poptabs Higher loot spawns Virtual Garage/Hacking/Grinding SM_Vector Base Building Spawn at base every 15 minutes CUP Addons Extended Base Mods Advanced Rappelling Kill Messages 3 hour restarts Custom trader/spawn zones/black market trader Custom Loadouts based on respect SM_Logistics Towing/Hauling/Haul Crates Enigma Revive (and much more) Future community plans: Upload your own flags player stats inside XM8 Custom Missions Automated event system
  8. GolovaRaoul

    PNG Exile Lingor

    PixelNationGaming is proud to announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile Lingor Server! We've spend a whole lot of time into this server, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! With active admins and server being regulary updated, we hope you will enjoy your stay! Current server features on 22/4/2017 Current Server Features: 25+ Custom Made Dynamic Missions Occupation Missions Zupa Capture Point's Militarised (Tanks/Jets/Attack Heli/Armed Cessna's/Armed Vehicles) Zombies DayZ Style HUD Radiation Zone with High Zombie Spawn Custom High End Trader Citys which Sells Raid Kits/RPG's/Concrete Building Materials and Tanks/Jets/Armed Helicopters/Armed Vehicles. View Distance Revive Dead Players Improved Killfeed (show what gun/location) Homemade Trader Cities + Map Editions Respect Loadouts. Higher Respect --> better Loadout! Virtual Garage Halo Jump Custom Traders High Custom "Militarised" Loot Custom Map Content at all Trader Cities and Airfields Deploy Kart or Jetski Base Raiding (from cracking doors to hacking safes and virtual garages) Fully Configurable StatusBar Custom Day/Night Cycle Basespawn feature ( with a cooldown of 15min ) Bigger Lockers (5 million) BRAma Recipes App Anti-Theft in Safezones Reviving ServicePoints (rearm/repair/refuel) MarXet - Dynamic Player Market AntiHack Towing System Vector Building Anti Sky Base (max 20m) And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  9. *Миша крест*


    (GER)20KStartMoney-ProModedExile-SMAWeapons.BWA3Uniforms IP: Server Restart Times all 4h: 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 24/7 TS Channel: PW: all4games Mods required: Exile 1.0.2 "Kohlrabi" CBA_A3 BundeswehrMod 1.4.1 (Uniforms&Weapons) Specialist Military Arms (SMA) 2.7.1 (Weapons, Scopes&Flashlight/Laserpointer) MRT Accessory Functions DynaSound2 (Best Realistic Weapon Sound Mod*) Enhanced Soundscape (Same*) Arma Enhanced Movement (for more Tactics*) Advanced Towing (same*) Advanced Rappelling (same*) Advanced Sling Loading (same*) Advanced Urban Rappelling (same*) (this Mod dont load auto, you need activate by yourself in the Arma3Launcher) BloodLust (More Blood xD) Include: XM8 APPS DMS - Static Ai missions VEMF - Town Invasion style Ai missions Have Fun
  10. Hello guys, I have infistar's custom xm8apps on my server, and I want to add an app that executes an SQF file. I couldn't figure out how paths work on serverside scripts want to exec an sqf from here: @infiSTAR_customApps\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps\apps\ I don't know what to put in fnc = "" part in app define-s because execVM doesn't work, I probably have to define a function that calls that script but where, and how should I go for it?
  11. ImmaGitchU

    ExileFreakZ | Altis Survival

    PvP + Roaming AI and Many missions with light Zombie setup for pleasant ambient experience. To join our server you only need to have two addons enabled: The ExileMod and Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod. For best experience we suggest using Arma3 Launcher to join server. 24/7 Admins Online.
  12. inventrum

    Скрипты для XM8Apps

    Поделитесь скриптами для XM8Apps! Нашел только дальность прорисовки.
  13. [Crazy] MrPromo

    Bitte Löschen Danke

    Topic Bitte Löschen. Danke
  14. Delish

    Bulletz or Brainz

    Pve server, Fully Militarized, Roaming AI, MasMod, Base builders paradise
  15. Delish

    View distance Script help

    Howdy, Im trying to get this script working on my server either on the radio/gps or on the xm8apps section.. seems like the best view distance script ive found, ive tried installing it as is, ive tried calling it from the xm8 apps list and ive tried putting it on the gps and none seem to work.. is there any1 who has any ideas or can help ?
  16. [FaTz]Ballermann96

    [GER] Exile 0.9.8 Tanoa by FaTz

    Required Mods: Exile Mod FaTzMods | Download Arma3Sync: | Includes: CUP Weapons Extended Base Ryanzombies CBA Jonzie TRYK Uniforms Server Features: Vanilla Exile/Arma 3/CUP Weapons items 5000 Pop Tabs Start 4 Hours Restart Normal loot spawns Player status-bar Dynamic AI missions Ryanzombies XM8 Apps Virtual Garage Towing Halo Parachute Deploy Bike Server Setup: Server is hosted in Nürnberg (Germany) Server is running on SSD-Drive
  17. ToastyZA

    Skranj Exile Tanoa

    Players can expect: A well run server Active admins Good FPS Custom Scripts making the gameplay even better!
  18. ExixeGaming

    [EXIXE][TP]Exile Chernarus

    Latest New: A Big Prize Event is Coming in Exixe Gaming Server ! Big Prize: 1 Arma 3 Apex DLC! 1 Arma 3 DLC Bundle ! Come and join us this sunday evening (05.06.2016) and you will be the winner one of the big prize !For further information go to TS ! Hello survivors, we have set up a new Chernarus Exile Server. We are not using VPS so there is no FPS or Latency problem in our server. Our admins are active and mature. We hope to meet you at our server! Server IP: [EXIXE][TurkProjesi]|Revive|Virtual Garage|DMS|ZCP|Halo Jump|Customized Craftables Mods required: Ryanzombies, RZInfection_for_Exile, CUP Terrains - Maps, CUP Terrains - Core, Exile Server Features: 60 Player Slots 4 Hour Restarts Custom Spawn Points Mature Active Admins High FPS High Loot High Quality Custom Map Content Capture Missions Custom AI Missions Custom Mission at Island with big rewards! 25+ AI Customized Trade Zones Black Market Traders (no Safe Zone) Armored Vehicles Armed Vehicles (only in Black Market) Customized Craftables Admin Events Base Raiding and Hacking Customized XM8apps such as Recipe Maker, Player Stats, Airdrop Caller Revive your friend Screenshots: [EXIXE] CommunityWebsite:[EXIXE] The Lost: Introduction Video
  19. Hefti

    old-poppers Namalsk

    Hey Everyone, Today we announce our new Server:|Exile|Namalsk|mas.weap&veh|ASDG_JR| In the past we tried many different Exile Servers but none of them seem to fit us. Sometimes there were admins, abusing their powers by using godmode and stuff, or the servers were not configured very well so you had everything in about 2 Hours. So we decided to start our own project. We are trying to get back to the origin of Exile, the prisoners Island (not that Zombie stuff). As you can see we play on the Island of Namalsk, which we think is predestinated as an prison island. We use the DMS Mission System, which is custom edited by us to have missions that fit for prisoners. Additional to DMS we use the occupation addon to have roaming ai with cars, boats and by foot which are the guards on the island. Watch out, they are many and they are high skilled. Our carpool was optimized to the scenario, so we kicked out strider, ifrits, and so on and added some of the mas vehicles. Weapons are customized to, we just use mas weapons (except pistols) which have a maximum calibre of 7.62mm. We only give 7% of the sales price for selled loot, and the prices for weapons and care are pretty high. We do this to get the people looting and doing missions and not just sit in their bases or camping the trader. We just use a few xm8 apps: the BRAma Cookbook, colorcorrection, Playerstats and the base locator to let u see if building there is allowed. Our server uses a 6hour restart loop and we have a day and night circle running there (because 24/7 daytime sucks). To us: We are a funny group of midaged Gamers (25-40) from Germany and Switzerland we play for fun and are looking for guys who share our passion for after work gaming. What we expect from players: We dont want that classical Arma Kiddy behaviour at our server. That means flaming, insulting, crying and so on. So if your behave is mature you are welcome. We want quality not quantity if you know what i mean. And of course we dont want cheaters, therefore we have infistar installed which is used only to prevent problems, not to give admins an advantage! Mods that are required: mas Weapons mas Vehicles asdg_jr Namalsk optional you can use Dragonfyre eden (Sound mod) Our Server Launch is on Sunday 17.4.2016 at 18:00 UTC+1 Hope to see some guys visiting us. pls leave some comment or review down here. Greetings Hefti
  20. HoboSavior


    This is a brand new server (03.19.16). Our server is home of the HAP mod, created by HoboSavior. It features over 300 new items and textures including vehicles, weapons, helmets, backpacks, vests and uniforms. We even have tons of new weapon and vest textures for the Marksmen gear! We will continue to add new items and textures to the HAP mod every two weeks allowing us to continually bring in more things the players want to see. This is a brand new community and we need your help to make it grow. We currently have player ranks, roaming ai (not OP either), ai missions, custom map edits and more. HAP mod is available through Steam or on the A3Launcher Below are just some of the items featured in the HAP mod, and we'll be adding more and more based off what you want to see. Visit us at to learn more. we created HAP mod and we add new items to it every week! over 300 new items including vests, helmets, weapons, backpacks, uniforms and vehicles we have over 70 custom textures for vehicles in Exile gotta watch out for these AI in the contamination zones!
  21. Timkle

    [GER|AT] TheMinerFriends

    Hey, Leute auf unserem Server gibt es: XM8 Apps advanced Towing zum Fahrzeuge abschleppen Ai Missionen Einen eigenen Ts3 Server Ein nettes Server team ... Der Server ist außerdem immer up-to-date und wir kümmern uns darum das immer alles funktioniert und ihr Spaß am spielen habt. Euer Server Team
  22. Kappa Slappa

    [UK/EU] ERM Exile |0.9.6|

  23. dbw

    HUN - RR Chernarus Exile

    Szívesen várunk minden játékost az RR Gaming Exile szerverére! Csapatunk nagy játékos múlttal rendelkezik, korábban dayz szervereket üzemeltettünk. A szerveren folyamatosan aktív adminok biztosítják a játékélményt, a szerver folyamatos fejlesztés alatt áll, teamspeak szerverünkön pedig szinte azonnal segítséget kapsz ha problémád akad. Az addonokat A3Launcher segítségével tudjátok letölteni a legegyszerűbben.