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Found 37 results

  1. Een videoproject waarbij ik veel uren in de montage heb zitten. Uniek dubbel perspectief. We spawnen in Zaros en horen veel schoten. Na de kleine militaire basis geplunderd te hebben gaan we op onderzoek uit. We zitten al gauw midden in de actie. Laat je reactie achter op de video. Ik ben erg benieuwd en altijd opzoek naar ideeën om te verbeteren. evt. subscriben kan hier Helaas verneukt YouTube het een beetje met de compression.
  2. Anthonym1989

    Arma 3 Follow Me

    can people check out my work and look at my channel on youtube and another note im also looking for work if anyone needs help thank you. YouTube
  3. So this is my first try at Arma 3 screenshots, you MAY use this if you like for wallpaper / thumbnail for youtube vid. give credit if u want to use it (on the description or something) @WillSoSik 3200x1800
  4. Derpzila

    [FPS] Derpzila

    Hi! So above is my channel into and below there's a link to it, I'm not one for self promotion but I'm All ways being told I should put my self out there more so here it is. Been playing exile and arma for a while but by no means an expert, just like to have a play. Far from serious, far from elite, an definitely up for a laugh. Enjoy!
  5. BradPlays

    A Change in the Weather

    So I've recently been really ill but now I'm back and it seems the snow has melted in Chernarus! Please head over view, like and sub for more content coming very soon, and as always ENJOY !!!
  6. BradPlays

    The Winter Exiled YouTube Series

    Hi everyone ! Just started up my YouTube channel BradPlays and we are going to be doing a few series on exile and plan on continuing them forever! Well, until arma 4 i guess Would be a big help if everyone could go over check the first 2 episodes out watch, like and subscribe ready for episode 3 in the next couple of days, cheers

    A Visit to the Chernobyl Zone

    Hey Guys, A short video I made on the only Exile server running the Chernobyl Zone map...would love someone to do this map properly because it's awesome but the guys running this one still have a lot of bugs to iron out. Anyway hope you enjoy.
  8. Incestrial Equality

    Small Youtuber Server..

    Hey guys, sorry if I put this in the wrong place but, I'm currently creating a server that will (hopefully) be 'immersive' or kinda 'roleplay'. I want Exile to be like ArmA II DayZ and DayZ SA in the way of loot spawns, as in guns mainly spawn at military places and towns can only get pistols and maybe a lee enfield. I also want it to be a server that can help Youtubers, i.e set up scripted stuff like in Frankie's videos or what not. This doesn't mean you have to be a Youtuber to play on the server I was just stating I would be more than happy to help you make awesome videos. I want to know what you guys think of my idea of the 'loot table' and I would also really appreciate it if you guys had any suggestions on what to add to the server to make it more immersive or whatever ideas you had (mods or anything). The server will be hosted in Brisbane, Australia, and I will post the other server details when its open. Thank you for your time. Regards, Incestrial
  9. HunterGaming

    HunterGaming YT Exile videos

    Hello all Im Hunter and i make High Quality videos. Please feel free to check them out and let me know what you think. Ill be posting a few videos here weekly <==== Enjoy! Latest video
  10. Mev

    Mev_Gaming Exile YT Vids!

    I have quite a few exile videos so i thought id just make my own thread instead of posting in new ones each time! Thanks for those who watch. Comments appreciated!
  11. Karlus Bojangles

    KarlusBojangles YT Vids

    Hey guys, So i have been playing exile and making video's on exile since it came out,for some reason i never posted anything on the forums here so i decided to make a post now. If anyone is interested in watching a New Zealand twat's average edited video's and some times good gameplay come check it out..Here's a link to the latest video of mine,and my channel Enjoy.
  12. Texboygamer

    Looking for Exile Youtubers?

    I am looking for people to critique my video, give any criticism you can find please, and any advice is wanted.
  13. Hey guys Here is another video showing stuff coming to exile! Please feel free to correct me if there is anything that i missed. Thanks Eichi
  14. TurboDude555

    Exile Tanoa Survivor Stories!

    My Exile series continues with Exile Tanoa! If you like "FrankieOnPC style" Arma videos, you may like my series of similar vein!
  15. My first session on Exile Tanoa... Great action. Leave a like if you enjoyed and sub for more content.
  16. Hey guys, We are testing the features coming out to exile SOON here are some of the features we came across ( and some that i didn't know until now lol )
  17. TurboDude555

    Exile Tanoa Trailer...

    Hey! So some of you may or may not know about my little ol' YouTube channel. I do many things, but as a fan of DayZ and all the mods and FrankieOnPc's work (ok so you know him at least) I also do a lot of "story-based" style videos in a similar style. In anticipation of my next video back on EXILE and on Tanoa....I present you loverly folks with this P.S Shout out to @infiSTAR for the discount on the Admin Tools to help me create, arrange and organize things. And to the people knowingly (and um unknowingly haha) featuring in the videos
  18. OMG GUYS!! finally on Part one of NAMALSK for Exile!!! having a blast on it <3 Sorry Mr.white lol My other videos; Enjoy;

    My Life in Namalsk Part 2

    Part 2 of my adventures in Namalsk

    My Life in Namalsk

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a short video of my first few days in Namalsk. Hope you enjoy it.
  21. Bonjour à tous, Vous souhaitez référencer votre serveur, votre youtube/twitch etc ? N'hésitez pas à vous rendre sur dans le menu "L'Annuaire des serveurs" GamerCenter c'est: des tests de matos, de jeux, des streams, un annuaire pour référencer vos serveurs ou alors pour en tester des nouveaux ! Un forum est présent, des tutoriels seront bientôt ajoutés au site internet Nous souhaitons vraiment rallier deux communautés existantes: les geeks et les gamers ! Nous avons pour l'instant 1 serveur Arma3 et avons prévu 1 serveur ArmA3 Exile/Dayz, Garry's Mod, HL, Counter et bien d'autres.. Un TeamSpeak est aussi à votre disposition avec la possibilité d'avoir vos propres channels >>>