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Found 16 results

  1. Taplin221

    Zeus for my exile server

    i'm looking into putting zeus on my server to make it more interesting can anyone help me with a guide or something that SLZ mod doesn't have a key so i can't run that Realized SLZ is server side so no key needed lol but if i keep having troubles i'll post again
  2. speedweasel

    Exile breaks Zeus UI

    Any idea why Exile breaks the Zeus UI? Error message is in the screenshot attached. This error is always shown when using Zeus with the Exile mod loaded on the client.
  3. Is it possible to add function: the admin menu display in Zeus mode?
  4. Dalty

    Adding Zeus

    I was looking through the forums, and I was unable to find a way to add Zeus to a server with 1.0.3. I attempted adding through the steps of : 1: Downloading my mission.Sqm 2: Adding Game master 3:Transfer to Servers mission.Sqm Issue: Wont let the server start with this though.
  5. BeastT

    Zeus problem, battleye

    Hello guys, i want add ZEUS to my server, and its working (with UID) but i have problem, i fix some problems in filters (i got problem in mpeventhandler etc) But now i got error: Set variable value restriction:0 And i dont know how to fix this. LOG: Value Restriction #0 "bis_fnc_addcuratorplayer_handler" = 0 2:577 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer #0 "bis_fnc_addcuratorplayer_handler" = 0 2:505 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer setvariable.txt: //new 7 "" !="exilexm8isonline" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" 1 "realname" 1 "ExileScore" 1 "ExileMoney" 1 "bis_fnc_addcuratorplayer_handler" Can someone help me? please, how to fix this, or pro tip how to intall zeus in my mission without filters problem Thanks, and greetings.
  6. McQuade

    Zeus admin login

    Can someone look through my mission file and see if i have this set correctly for working admin Zeus module in Exile MP server. We currently run RHS, CUP, JSRS, DMS, Occupation, ZCP. Want to be able to access Zeus for some added challenge. I have looked though many topics related and seem to find different answers. Thanks
  7. backalleymedicalcare

    Of flesh and bone

    Our server is set up to be a Role play server set in a zombie apocalypse. we have intend to have events where zeus will create missions with a story and players fight or work together to survive. we have a friendly admin staff and the clan is open for recruitment! come join in and secure your corner of the apocalypse!
  8. paulgali

    SevenDrunkenNights DayZ-style

    Want to get rekt? Join us! Hardcore PvP server on the island of Tanoa AI missions and random patrols - Exile DMS, Occupation Mod and A3XAI Zombies! - Ryan's Zombies, Exile Z Custom Zeus missions, CUP rewards from admins on completion Admin events Special CUP rewards (no spawns, unique items!) Install the following from the workshop (besides Exile, duh): CBA_A3 (server running the newest version 3.1.2) CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod We want to create a strong community where players can both enjoy the game and experience the challenge it presents. We are open to suggestions from the community on what you would like added to the server, so speak up! And yes, we want to create memetastic scenarios and events If you want us to implement teamspeak/discord, we can do it, however we are currently using the IG ARMA channels (side, group, etc.) Note we are tweaking difficulty settings based on player feedback - let us know what you think! For Zeus missions, admins will let you know when they're active. The northern part of Tanoa Airport is protected by friendly AI (Independant Force snipers) to give players a central hub to do missions together. These forces also protect you from zombies and any other AI from the other mods. This area will also be a specific CUP trader zone, we are currently building this zone. See you online! paulgali
  9. Unsuspected Cashew


    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this. I just successfully created an exile server via the guide here. Friends are able to successfully join this server etc. Here is my goal... I want this server to load the following addons... CUP Terrains-Core Cup Terrains-Maps RZInfection_for_Exile Zombies and Demons IFA3LITE ALSO--- I want my friend to be able to play as Zeus in this mission... Yeah we like RPing a bit... That's the main concern is adding zeus to the mission. Sidenote: Currently I'm using the default Tanoa.exile map. It would be much appreciated if someone could edit Tanoa and/or Esseker with zeus included. If you guys can somehow figure this out, you will allow three friends to achieve what we've been wanting from Arma since Arma 1. Thank you so much in advance.
  10. katzenbuero

    Can not open Zeus

    Hallo, i hope someone could help me out. After weeks I have already got Exile working on my dedicated Linux server. Everything seems running fine. Now i wish to use the Zeus addon to add good content for the players. I´ve setup the Zeus module via 3den editor and the Exile mod 3den plug in, saved, copied the mission.sqm to mission tanoa file, packed in pbo, started server. Everithing works, but no Zeus. I´ve checked the keybinding, tryed #adminLogged, tryed my UID, nothing. Zeus is not opening. Does anybody have an working solution for this ? I´ve read so many treads with questions but no helpful answers for me. Is it possible the infiStar blocks Zeus from starting ? I have no more Ideas. (sorry for my bad english) Please help me out, katzenbuero
  11. SynysterDemon

    Adding Zeus to a server

    Hey guys, just wondering if someone could run me through adding Zeus to my server?
  12. khafir

    Zeus: Implementation Problems

    I've been trying for days to get Zeus working on my server. I've read every thread I could find here about adding Zeus, making additions to the mission.sqm file and tried them all with no success. I'm running the most recent version of Exile and Arma3, can someone who currently has Zeus working give me a hand here please? Below is the last variant I tried with the mission.sqm. I wouldn't be asking if I didn't do my homework first, i've tried everything I can find here that speaks to getting Zeus working. Thanks in advance!
  13. So as it says. I got Zeus working on my server and its great. You can spawn in AI from BLUFOR and OPFOR and also INDY that you can move. You can spawn in crates and pre-made bases plus your own buildings you wish to put in and bring in Artillery and jets to set cords. But when I go to fire the lightning bolt nothing happens. Does anyone else who has Zeus on their server also have this? Thx
  14. PondScum101

    Zeus, Karts, Marksmen, Helicopters

    I know there have been a few posts on this (I have searched through forums), however, I have not found a solution that works. Any help on getting the DLC mods to green light in vanilla arma would be appreciated. MY START LINE: start "Arma3" /min /wait arma3server.exe -mod=C:\Arma\Server\@exile;C:\Arma\Server\kart;C:\Arma\Server\mark;C:\Arma\Server\heli;C:\Arma\Server\@RHSAFRF;C:\Arma\Server\@RHSUSAF;C:\Arma\Server\@TRYK -servermod=C:\Arma\Server\@exileserver;C:\Arma\Server\@A3XAI; -config=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit Regards, Pond
  15. kidesh


    Hi, Does anyone know how to get Zeus working on your server? Ive seen servers use it and there are some people talking about it but they dont say what to do, just that they did it. thx.