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I realize medical stuff is in the works and the sooner the better as it is a much needed addition to the game.  Something I would love to see along the lines of the medical system would be the addition of the ability to carry and drag a wounded team mate to cover and concealment.  Much like Arma 2 and maybe a little further such as dragging a person while you are prone also, being able to pick a team mate up in a fireman carry if they are wounded so bad they can not run....Can not wait to see what the future holds for exile as it is my go to arma mod.   Thanks for the time and effort that the devs put in.


TL- Strike Force Rogue


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We were doing town invasion missions today, CQB clearing house by house on Altis. It would have been very handy to be able to carry/drag a wounded team mate in to cover and then revive him. I would like to see this in Exile or as a script. 

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