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Sorry im new here and i have no idea if this is the correct place to post,than im sorry...

As i am really familiar with coding(Java,C#,C++) and i have some experience with arma stuff.I wanted to Update chernarus map....Its in massive WIP,but hey...

This is not Chernarus PLUS MAP...but it will gonna be little tweaked map :D

I was able to load In chernarus,dayz objects and replace them....99% Building are enterable,but I still need to interact with them...

This is my first attempt(im really sorry,im no grammar nazi)

CREDITS: Bohemia interactive, Dayz, Jbad, All in Arma Terrain

As you can see there is no north cities,towns..


need massive cleanup on Global objects,I may load DeleteGlobal Object and I will replace with other buildings.


As you can see Doors are everywhere open, need fix,




Hangar_2 Is now again enterable

Garage is now enterable

All Gates are openable

Firestation is enterable 



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