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Car steal options

Choose the option you like   12 members have voted

  1. 1. You can choose:

    • I like the option to read the code from the XM8 after i killed someone.
    • I like the option to cut the finger and use the prints after i killed someone.
    • I want that the car is "hackable" for 1 minute after it was locked.
    • I want that the car is "hackable" for 5 minutes after it was locked.
    • I want that the car is "hackable" for 10 minutes or another time that is not listed.
    • I dont care.
    • Dont implement any of those options.

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I am making this Feature Wish for these moments when you want to kill someone and he instantly gets out of his Vehicle and locks his car up just before he gets a bullet in his head and you cant do anything to get his car besides using a thermal scanner pro, which is kinda lame since you never have a thermal scanner pro with you besides then, when you loot industrials alot and are lucky. It is often not even worth it to waste one of those 5 thermal scans to get a vehicle because the thermal scanner is so rare.

So here are the features that i thought could be used with the vehicle lock system.

1. Every time after you have locked a Vehicle once it gets saved and you can lock/unlock it the second time without entering a code in Vanilla Exile
(information that you must know for this).
So if the last one who have locked or unlocked the car dies,  you can read the code from his XM8 or cut his finger
(one of those 2 options) and use it on the car to get the code.
To clarify it only works on the guy who LASTLY locked or unlocked the car.
This also means that when you kill someone who is driving then you will get the car including the code.
Countermeasures: Dont die, hide your car, relogg or server restart.

2. X Minutes after someone locked his car you can use the feature "hack" With this feature you will destroy one window and sit on the driver seat with an
animation for a random time (1-5 minutes) and you will get the code. But the alarm system will make loud siren sounds till the thief succeed or fails.
Countermeasures: Dont die in this time or dont park your vehicle obvious near enemys and If you hear the siren sounds GET HIM.


Another suggestion to make these features less annoying: Changeable vehicle codes!

If you could talk with an trader or use a device to change the old code to a new code (only with an unlocked vehicle) these 2 feature wishes should only open the vehicle but dont give you the code. This prevents the possibility of rembering the code from someone you got a vehicle and easyily steal another vehicle again when you see him next time in a safe zone or other places, so you dont have to annoyingly change your code every time your car gets hacked.
And if you kill someone while he is driving, you can change the code (like said with a device or at a trader) and its lockable for you.

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Voted "don't implement any of these". It is easy enough to simply kill the owner as he/she gets out of the vehicle, kill the owner while they sit in the drivers' seat, or kill the owner after they unlock the vehicle before they have a chance to get back into it... No need for anything else, in my opinion.

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