[Update] Ai-Island v2.1 DMS Static Mission (Altis)

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Updated: 27 March 2017, cleaned code and added cash to crate

Updated to my latest v2.1 30/07/16 code which makes mission more configurable and random plus spawns in multiple difficulties.

Also moved to GiThub for ease of update, original v1.0 files zipped in folder if you just want original hardcore version.

To update just replace the main mission file ( ai_island.sqf).


"Ai Island" static mission for Altis using DMS.

This is mostly a mission I ported over from our old Arma3 Epoch server, I was going to use A3XAI but decided I like the DMS Static system for the Ai so I could have it spawn and re-spawn as part of the possible large missions and also come under the max mission rules for static missions in DMS to not overload the serve with AI.

I used the Slum base file as the template for the AI side of things so I must give credit to @eraser1 and @Defent for their hard work on the DMS missions, using our old AI positioning along with a few new bits and pieces.

I also used the mapping from our old server which was pieced together by Kroenen so big up to him, I just had to recode it a little to make it fit in with the DMS static objects and only use items used in Exile.

Feel free to use it how you want but if it goes around please remember CiC in there somewhere.


Download from

1.  Copy ai_island.sqf into a3_dms.pbo missions/static
2.  Copy ai_island_buildings.sqf into a3_dms.pbo objects/static
3.  Extract  map_configs/altis_config.sqf
4. Find
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1]];
 Change to
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1],["ai_island",1]];
5. Find
 DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects"];
 Change to
 DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects","ai_island_buildings"];
6. Repack altis_config.sqf into PBO
7.  Put a3_dms.pbo into /@ExileServer/addons/ on server and start.

****** Updated Ai slightly to trigger more frequently + added in bridge file if people want it thanks to @LimbWalker ******

****** Optional Bridge to Island ******
8.  If you want a bridge to the island then copy ai_island_bridge.sqf to a3_dms.pbo objects/static
9. In map_configs/altis_config.sqf change/add
 DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects","ai_island_buildings","ai_island_bridge"];
 Follow steps 6 and 7 to finish.


No BE or InfiSTAR additions apart from what you installed to run DMS. this will not run without DMS.

You can edit the mission text by changing the following in ai_island.sqf

// Define Mission Start message
_msgStart = ['#FFFF00', "A large group of Admins have invaded the island and are drinking beer and eating cake"];

// Define Mission Win message
_msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have successfully killed the Admins and claimed all the cake and beer for themselves!"];

// Define Mission Lose message
_msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"The Admins have finished their beer and cake and buggered off..."];

// Define mission name (for map marker and logging)
_missionName = "Ai Island";

I don't think it is the most sophisticated coding I could do but it was fast and works for us but thought as I have had so much off these forums I should release something else out there.

If any of the DMS people are looking then feel free to incorporate this and make it better, just give CiC a bit of credit.




Edited by red_ned
updated files v2.1
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since i got bad expirience with the static missions from DMS ie they wont delete the base when Failed i'm not really jumping to try it out.....but i will looks cool. And i'll let you know

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Just so people know.

1. No there isn't a bridge, its supposed to be an invasion type thing so forces groups to take part as you will need boats/helis or long view distance to snipe doors from mainland (1100-1250m).

2. There are 3 possible crate spawn places, 2 of which spawn crates when completed

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2 minutes ago, MedeirosPT said:

Really nice just tested.



cheers, glad you liked it. instructions ok?

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3 minutes ago, red_ned said:

cheers, glad you liked it. instructions ok?

Instructions are good, i'm not that good at this and worked at the first time for me.


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Great addition to the DMS static missions, well done. Only one niggle though. How to get the floodlights working that are dotted about everywhere at the mission ?

Edited by MetalHead

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