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          Hi there!

                 I've been playing Exile since quite some time now (3-4 months), but playing alone gets boring after a while. I've got just one friend who can run Arma 3 and we always get utterly rekt by other clans so we can't make any significant progress, and so it gets extremely frustrating and takes out all the fun. So here I am, looking for a nice and funny clan to play Exile with (I usually play on the MGT server since imo it's they are the best ones). I'm from Romania, 19 years old, speak pretty fluent english and I'm active almost every day.


        Thanks to anyone who takes this into consideration! xD

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We are currently between two servers KOBK Exile and Omnicidal, hard to pick which one. Anyway the mods you will need to be able to play on these servers are HVP, All in Arma terrain pack, and Mas weapons. Download them while they are downloading if you want you can apply to my clan.

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