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New [EXO] Community looking for a scripter!

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At the moment we are looking for a good serious scripter with a lot of experience that can help us
out with optimizing the server/scripts and implementing scripts that are created by our developer or
the community and off course be part of this exiting and friendly crew! We prefer someone that speaks
English and lives in Europe.

We have set up a new community called [EXO] short for Extraordinary, we are running an Exile Chernarus
server and we are slowly growing a steady player base. We currently have a full server in the evenings and
after we have optimized our Chernarus server we want to focus on expanding.

Our server showcase post is here. We already have a small team to work on the community:

Jan - Developer
Vestby - Back-End and database
Patsy - Teamspeak, forums, social media and ingame economy
Crunch - Custom map content

Because everyone has a personal life and we do this for love of the game and the community we are in
need of help so everyone can focus on his task(s). That's why we are looking for a scripter to help
us and a web designer to help us with the website and graphics. We are looking for 18+ mature individuals
who want to be part of a new community, we are taking this serious, we have group meetings on teamspeak
we run it like a project with priorities and tasks.

If you want to apply, we welcome you to our Teamspeak server. Just talk one of the team. If you like to
create or modify custom missions you are at the right place, we want to offer the players high quality



[EXO] Community

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Hey if your still looking for something, email me at, I'll drop by the teamspeak when I pick up my new headset.

I've been scripting/Moderating/Admin/owning Servers since Arma 2 Base dayz. I haven't ever got into making my own scripts but basically anything on the database or any scripts on this forum I can install or tweak to your perfection. Ask me to do something and I'll tell you If I can do it or not and how long it would probably take me. I took a break from servers an scripting for a while but I always find myself coming back to it because I enjoy it so much, I'd spend more time scripting and changing settings on my server than actually playing on it :)

So just email me what you need if you need anything and I'm getting a headset either tomorrow or Thursday.

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Crunch if you look at our website dude and if you would like something like that then i could maybe help out in my spare time. But obviously the system i use costs money so you guys would have to look into paying your monthly cost for that.

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