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Here is a ready to Run Version of IgiLoad with all Exile Vehicles Including Taru Pods!

In the Configfile are Comments to configure it like your wishes.

Important :

Please read all files including the init.sqf 

Use [] execVM "IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf"

New features:

  • Now with Taru Pod Mod (Lift , attach , drop) additional script is NOT needed!!
  • ALL Notifications in Exile Style
  • Sounds for Attach,Dettach,Drop the Pod
  • You can Only Load UNLOCKED Vehicles
  • You can Only Load On UNLOCKED Vehicles
  • Lock and Unlock TaruPod over Custom User Key 1

For this Version a big thx to @Backslash for the Help with the Lock function


Next version will be with a Claim function for the Pods an a other Locking method


Known Issues:

  • Taru Pods are not in the middle of the Truck attached diddnt find a soluton yet, maybe in a later version.
  • You can Refuel and Repair with the Pod loaded or attached.



German support at:

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The Taru Pod is on the Hemtt and Tempest a littlebit left but cant get this away

The Huron Pod on the Hemtt 1+ *****  on the Tempest Still a littlebit on the left

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Ahh I wasn't sure what you meant by "not in the middle" I just looked at mine and I see what you mean. It is the same, slightly off to the left.. I dont think this is too bad though. Still better than R3F!

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Same here ,helis dont work for me :(

IL_Supported_Vehicles_MOHAWK = 
    IL_Supported_Vehicles_MH9 = 



add this in the right section & it should work 

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@SLB2k11 change the value of line 1399 from 0.1 to 0.05. The correction to the right is only very minimal, so that should be more than enough and seems to fit quite nicely.

Should've just copy&pasted the whole array instead of changing values of the script that was posted on the other thread ;), you're welcome mate though, always great to see more good stuff become available for everyone and people taking their time to do it.

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For Helis...

	IL_Supported_Vehicles_MOHAWK = ["Exile_Chopper_Mohawk_FIA"];
	IL_Supported_Vehicles_CHINOOK = ["Exile_Chopper_Huron_Black", "Exile_Chopper_Huron_Green"];
	IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_Mohawk = IL_Supported_Quadbike + IL_Supported_Rubberboat + IL_Supported_SDV + IL_Supported_Hatchback + IL_Supported_UGV;
	IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_Mohawk = IL_Supported_Supply_Crate + IL_Supported_Veh_Ammo + IL_Supported_Barrel + IL_Supported_Tank + IL_Supported_Cargo20;
	IL_Supported_Cargo_Mohawk = IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_Mohawk + IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_Mohawk;
	IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_CHINOOK = IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_Mohawk;
	IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_CHINOOK = IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_Mohawk;
	IL_Supported_Cargo_CHINOOK = IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_CHINOOK + IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_CHINOOK;


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