United Kingdom Order (UKO) Looking to recruit experienced ArmA players for Exile Clan

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United Kingdon Order [UKO] /

Are looking to recruit experienced ArmA players to form a Exile Clan to play Exile and in the future on our own Exile server (Currently In development). 

Players should have a decent amount of experience playing Arma and preferably a few months exp playing the Exile mod.

We currently have around 6 UKO ArmA members but only two are active therefore the requirement to recruit more active players is needed.

Interested players should reply to this thread with details of their experience, and any relevant info as well as their steam links.

Current Servers frequented: ATD Exile Taviana, The Monastery Al Rayak, UKO Exile Taviana 

**Currently NOT Active**

[UKO] PalmAir 

Edited by PalmAir
Currently unactive on ArmA

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