Can't Put a Vest In Bambi Loadout

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Hello, I've tried to add a vest to the default bambi loadout, and it doesn't work...

Here is my config:

	class BambiSettings
		 * Loadout of new bambi players
		 * (They will always spawn with a bambi overall - you cannot 
		 * change the loadout uniform)
		loadOut[] = 


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On 9/16/2015 at 8:17 AM, Torchgodz said:


De-PBO your exile_server.pbo, navigate to exile_server/code, open ExileServer_object_player_network_createPlayerRequest.sqf
After line 30, add these lines, and edit howewer you want them.


			_bambiPlayer addUniform "U_Rangemaster";
			_bambiPlayer addVest "V_BandollierB_khk";
			_bambiPlayer addMagazines ["Exile_Magazine_Swing", 999];
			_bambiPlayer addWeaponGlobal "Exile_Melee_Axe";

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