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Disable the abillity to sell items via Wastedump:

This is a simple overwrite of some files used by the Wastedump Trader to stop people selling items there. This can be used with some other scripts, to prevent violation of the Wastedump... I made this so you could only sell Items at the Trader where you can buy them and not even at the Wastedump.

Since I am not even really into ArmA Scripting, I am not able to configure it better. At this point, the cargo sell option is disabled and wont delete any items out of the cargo if it´s pressed in the Tradermenue. 

For the Vehicle + Cargo option this overwrite will prevent the player from getting the money of the sold items, however it will still delete them, therefore i did change the menue so it says: Vehicle: !Items will get deleted! (VehicleName) (Screenshots)

Known Issues: ( Ideas or Solutions would be awesome :D)

- Make the trader check for items in the vehicle, if true then dont delete this vehicle and dont give money....

- Remove the cargo option completly from the dropdownmenu

- show the correct price, only price of the vehicle without itemprice added



1. Download all the files https://www.dropbox.com/sh/820jze6h156ezdz/AABX3MBn5EbMHradc0ti2-iVa?dl=0

2. Unpack your Mission.pbo and edit the config.cpp:

2.1 Go to "class CfgExileCustomCode" and add these lines:

ExileServer_system_trading_network_wasteDumpRequest = "overwrites\exile_client\code\ExileServer_system_trading_network_wasteDumpRequest.sqf";   ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_show = "overwrites\exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_show.sqf";

3. Move the overwrites folder into your mission.pbo

4. Repack the .pbo

5. Profit

This is a pretty simple overwrite and could have been done by everyone, however i thought uploading it would maybe help one or two out there :D 

Feedback or even some Solutions to the problems up there are much appreciated:)




When the cargooption got pressed:



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