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Looking for a squad to play mainly exile and some overpoch

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If you’re looking for a good mature group of players for Arma 3 (and pretty much any other game you can think of) you came to the right place. Ethix Gaming is a 18+ gaming community, proud of the no hacking/toxic behaviour (towards inside and outside gamers).


- 18+

- 50+ Nations

- 700+ members (About 40 that activly play arma)

- Casual and Competitive

Arma 3 Gamemodes:

·         Wasteland

·         King of the Hill

·         Breaking Point

·         Desolation

·         Exile

·         Co-Op

·         Mil-sim (growing unit)

·         Life

·         Battle Royale

·         End Game (CTF)

·         Epoch

·         Arma 2: Epoch/Overpoch/DayZ


Other Main Games:

·         CoD

·         H1Z1

·         DayZ

·         LoL

·         Rocket League

·         Dirty Bomb

·         CS:GO

·         Rainbow Six: Siege

·         Hurtworld

·         ARK: Survival Evolved

·         World of Warcraft

·         Diablo 3


In case you want to hop in and meet us and game with us hop in our Teamspeak!

Any questions regarding anything including application and/or teamspeak guest passes PM me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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On 1/24/2016 at 3:23 PM, rysio123 said:

I'm a 17 Year old Male from Poland

I can speak fluently with two languages English/Polish

I have a medium experience in Arma 3, but i have played Arma 2 and DayZ a lot longer, and a bunch of other survival games. Mainly i play with a assault rifle as a support to flank people. Or a sniper scouting/supporting members that push on the enemy. 

Also i have mic I can use ts/skype. 

During the week from monday to friday i am available to play from 16:00 to 21:00. And in weekends from 09:00 to 21:00. With couple of breaks ofcorse. "UK TIME"

Looking for mature clan that play with teamwork and take stuff seriously, not looking for a small clan that just plays for fun. I want the adrenaline/sweat, from each of the battles we will fight.

No raging kids/adults, just people that will tell you what you've done wrong so you can get better.

If interested add me on steam: 

Have a nice day guys/girls.


On 1/16/2016 at 9:11 PM, crocodile233 said:

I don't like being lone wolf especially in exile, i want to make a squad to play on exile with me, i have 3 years of arma experience so you can count on me with stressful situation. Must be cool head and chill since it's just a game.  pm on steam if you are interested

My group, Intellectual Property  =IP= is currently looking for more players to join us in battle in Arma 3 Exile. We play Arma 3 Exile mod on a server that has custom missions, uses CUP terrain pack, and has zombie hoards.

We have several sizable bases and many vehicles, but are looking for more members. 

=IP= Is a small international multi-game community, focusing on games that promote teamwork. We have our own mumble server, which we use for group communication.

If you are interested then feel free to msg me on steam.


Server Name:TFG Exile Chernarus|5K-Start|Hordes|Capture and Hold|Infection
Game:Arma 3
Location: Canada
Map Name:Chernarus

View our Steam group page (request invite by steam text):

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