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Bugs - Cleanup, Attachments, Offroad 50cal, crates , safes. FEEDBACK


Hi when is this going be fixed finally?



You tried to fix cleanup in lastest update and made it even worse, losing fully geared bodies as soon as we move away from them. Whats going on here? Attachments on weapons now get deleted if dropped on the ground outside your default cleanup radius, and offroad 50cal's reset both respect and poptabs when you kill someone from the gunner. Crates and Safes also now fall over after a restart, meaning stacking of crates now will actually lose you gear because when they colide they get destroyed. I swear more has broken than before the update because atleast I could run back and get my gear minus my weapon before the 15 minute cleanup kicked in, now we lose everything. Not to mention weapons in some cases are still being deleted on people I kill outside the clean up radius...


Also been experimenting with your *loot cleanup* loot farming single barracks dropping everything inside on the floor 2-3m outside, then proceeded to travel 2k to trader to sell everything worth cash, upon coming back everything I dropped is still there. Repeated this 5+ times


Can you please hotfix major issues instead of waiting and fixing maybe 10+ things in 2 weeks time, because from a players point of view some of these are gamebreaking and just piss you off.





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Moved to problems, as this red text above the "Ask a Dev" section is not red enough:

Also, do not ask us when we will fix bug X or add feature Y. We are continuously working on Exile, so the answer is "soon".

I aim to release a patch today or tomorrow. No guarantee on this! 

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Ah sorry about wrong section, hopefully you do ;). Put our group of 6 off Exile until fixed because we just get pissed off playing it, which shouldn't be happening.

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