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Weird Issue With Custom Spawn Points

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I've been working on getting the map Bozcaada to work with Exile, since it has no prerequisites I thought it would be a pretty straight forward procedure. However for some reason I simply can't seem to get my custom spawn points to work.

The server itself works, it starts up and I can join the servers without any errors. But neither of the spawn points I added show up on the spawn list. I've gone through the mission.sqm file over and over and I can't seem to find any mistakes.

Anyone got any idea as to what may be wrong here?

Link to mission.sqm (Pastebin)
Screenshot of Spawn Menu (IMGUR)


Found the issue myself just minutes after posting this. This is what happens when you haven't had enough sleep xD

Just in case someone would end up in the same position, the mistake was simple - my Markers class wasn't inside the Mission class, thus it was never accounted for.

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