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Server_Req_Infi_Client issue. Infistar filter?

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This is my current publicVariable script filter;

7 "" !="takegive_poptab" !=""SERVER_REQ_INFI_CLIENT" = [1,["vu0m26e8u3vnw2nx","76561198130807453","2:1032",["Kurt Cobain","76561198130807453","CLIENT_PING","2:1032",[78,105,114,118,97,110,97]]]]"


This is the kick restriction error;

21.01.2016 20:34:54: Kurt Cobain (IPADDRESS) 134ed5dc4e4c0eb7b15a3963518e6a41 - #1 "SERVER_REQ_INFI_CLIENT" = [1,["vu0m26e8u3vnw2nx","GUID","2:1036",["Kurt Cobain","GUID","CLIENT_PING","2:1036",[78,105,114,118,97,110,97]]]]



Ive replaced the part where it had my IP address and my GUID in the error log. 

Also Ive tried putting the filter on line 1 as well (under //new) and on line 2 with the other server_req_infi_client filter. 

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