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Anomaly quest in s.t.a.l.k.e.r style (Need trigger help)

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Hello everybody. I just started doing scripts and some things I do not understand . Prompt solution. Anomalies of the stalker is a fantastic phenomenon is fairly well described in the literature. They should appear after each blowout in a chaotic manner . To achieve this, I need to move them from mission.sqf ( where I have them spawn through the sensor ) on the trigger in the script (anomaly.sqf) where I can create random choice of coordinates and associate them with blowout.

My problem: Trigger on mission.sqf work good but not random..

		class Item4
			position[]={2909.41,0,18351.6}; // point 10m around Altis Airport safe zone
			expActiv="XC=[thistrigger,10]execvm ""EQP_Anomaly\fluff.sqf""";
			class Effects

another trigger in anomaly.sqf 

_anomalycoord =
	[[14514.4,17005.1,0],25,'Gravi',true], // Set Anomaly Coord
	[[23393.9,24411.1,0],25,'Meat',true],// Unit 2 EQP_Anomaly Quest in East Tradezone
	[[2909.41,18351.6,0],25,'Fluff',true]// Unit 3 EQP_Anomaly Quest in West Tradezone

_maptext = "Аномальная активность";
_mapcolor = "ColorRed";

if (isServer) exitWith 
			_center = _x select 0; // coords
			_radius = _x select 1; // radius need for some marker
			_name = _x select 2; // name of npc 
			_lsign = _x select 3; // true/false on /off personal marker

			if (_lSign) then
				if (USE_MARKER) then { // USE_MARKER on globalmap = TRUE/FALSE ON/OFF
					_marker = createMarker [format["QuestNPC:%1", _name], _center];
					_marker setMarkerType "selector_selectedMission"; // Marker type
					_marker setMarkerText _maptext; // Text on map
					_marker setMarkerColor _mapcolor; // Marker color
					_anm = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", _center, true];
					_anm setTriggerArea [_radius, _radius, 0, false];  
					_anm triggerAttachVehicle [player];
					_anm setTriggerActivation ["GUER", "PRESENT", true]; 
					_anm setTriggerStatements ["this", "nul = execvm 'EQP_Anomaly\jarka.sqf'",""];
	 } forEach _anomalycoord ; 

not work... :(


where is the mistake :(

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