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Hi, I think it would be to see either one of those two things.

A. an actual wiki with more details about items, how they work, the class name, the default price, the model, the recipes. stuff like that.
BUT ALSO the commands you use in the scripts and what they do.


B. Comments ! In the sqf files. How can you even code such a huge project without putting a single comment anywhere ?
You must have some sort of compiler or something that remove all the comments...
maybe I just live in a cave and never heard of such things as a compiler for SQF code...
*(if it does exist please share tell me !)

Anyway I'm just saying that a brief description at the top of each code file would not take that much effort and space to do.
It could at least explain what the code does and kind of for what is it used...

* I know SQF is not that hard to read but it would make is faster if I did not had to search through all those files.

PS: If you need someone to do that I'm on employment insurance and ready to help. *(Yeah that's a thing in Canada)
I know Arma coding fairly well and I know Web development as well.

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