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Playing with effects on Cherno Winter.

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Since Exile is highly customizable, as the matter of fact Arma 3 has a decent amount of variables to adjust, and/or to make to extend functionality. We're all waiting for Namalsk to be finished, and we've seen snow, etc etc.. Which all in all looks real nice. 

So I've been playing around for the entire weekend, and came up with following so far for Chernarus Winter xD

Snow & Blizzards
- The snow & blizzards are completely random. (More to come soon.) 

Breath fog (Should work in Multiplayer, but not tested yet!)
- Frequency will increase gradually and with some randomness when player is moving fast enough (running). And automatically decrease once stamina / fatigue has been restored to an acceptable level, and player is walking / jogging. 

Ground fog (Not Server/MP compatible *W.I.P.*)
- Currently only a local effect executed on players, which means that the ground fog is not globally on server, although I'm still working on finding a solution so all players have the same levels of fog, and it looks exactly the same for all, but this is tricky with particles unfortunately. I may add compatibility for zones, which will work server-side, so you can define zones where the ground fog should be present.





Still a long way to go, but so far it looks pretty good, and creepy as fuck xD

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