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New Safes

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The most organize thread you'll see about a feature somebody want's to see.

Section 1 About it: Safes in Exile are amazing right now, but what if we improved the PvP and Raiding aspect of the game by simply adding an item? A controlled explosive which makes a small blast to make a safe available to open? We all know in Lakeside you could rob the bank with C4, Well take the concept and implement into the tiny safes thus allowing the user to steal the items. But it's not going to be that easy for them to do it now is it.

  • User's will have the option to upgrade their safes, such as the Upgradeable Walls
  • The controlled explosives will require several items to craft, and can spawn with a 5% Chance in Industrial places
  • The Explosive will detonate in 5 minutes, thus giving the Defenders a chance to save their metals.
  • A defuse kit will be required to defuse the bomb and keep the safe from getting damaged
  • Defuse Kit, can only be purchased from hardware, and has a 15% Chance to fail and instantly explode the Explosive
  • Upgraded safes require 2 Explosives

Section 2 Pros:  This will definitely boost the whole raiding aspect of the game, and allows people to take more pride in base building with defenses and getting those pops and reputation to upgrade their items. This will also give users the "ideal" game-play with friends on who is going to watch the base as they leave to go get those resources that aren't available in their location. As all it takes is 1 or 2 explosives to remove all of your precious goods, which can ruin your whole time on Exile because you may have just forgotten that one mag that could've saved your life in the Wild; Possibly that one can opener you went back to get but found no safe. Yes, this feature will be able to be turned off within the settings of where ever (if it's implemented) is.

  • Thinking that Explosives could also be used on doors (Not Sure)

Section 3 Cons: A lot of people are going to throw a fit due to their items being lost, or maybe that server has really low spawn rates on materials needed to upgrade their items.  (This is the only thing I could think of, If you have anymore please use @Shadowfying and let me know.)

Message to the Developers of Exile: Thank you for all of your hardwork and making such a wonderful community, with such helpful people and staff active on the forums. I wish you the best of luck to future updates.

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