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So I'm fairly new to the whole Arma and DayZ experience and I must say... I am fucking mind blown. No other way to put it. The graphics are not the best graphics I've ever seen, but its top 5.  The base building is sick in Exile and Epoch. There is a whole list, but hey if you are here reading this then you already know how awesome Arma is. Now lets talk about my topic a little more. This has to do with two things: Learning how to live stream in general. And if anyone is interested in live streaming Arma 3 with me? Now to get into things. I am currently a Pro Gamer for the Star Wars Battlefront Series Original - Current (9-21-04__Current 2016), 7 years running World Champion (SWGO, NYC, ~SS~, _iJo), and 10 year running leader of the "~MX~" Alpha through Charlie Teams. So I am obviously very involved  and dedicated in the series and in gaming in general. So I have recently become interested in learning how to live stream myself and or to live stream with someone else. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there that wants to maybe live stream Arma 3 and its mods to Twitch TV or other sites? I think it would be a lot of fun and it could be a learning experience for me when it comes to knowing how to live stream. Thank you for your comment and I really appreciate your time. 

                                Ask for my Steam if you are interested.

                                           - ~MX~ Padawan  

                                              LucasArts Inc.

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