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HC on a different machine crashes both server and the HC

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At random times the HC and the server just stop responding, no ram issues no nothing, server runs perfectly and just stops..

Odd things in my .rpt:

20:12:16 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.

Whilst both my server and the HC have this..

20:06:03 Server: Object 5:184 not found (message Type_91)
20:06:03 Server: Object 3:2009 not found (message Type_119)
20:06:03 Server: Object 3:2041 not found (message Type_119)
20:06:03 Server: Object 3:758 not found (message Type_119)
20:06:03 WARNING: SuppressCache::Trace called with huge input. Function exited to prevent program stall inside. tBeg[23372.972656,152.619934,19779.835938]; tEnd[23301.351563,152.619934,19648.039063]; ammoHit(3.000000); distance(150.000000)
20:06:03 In last 500 miliseconds was lost another 27 these messages.

And that spamming twice atleast every second



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