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[SOLVED] Bad Vehicle

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ok i try'd putting the vehicles in the white list but everytime when my friend jumps in this vehicle .infistar sees it as a bad vehicle

20:28:35 "<>HL| 0h 15min 16s | -[023]-Amaterasu(76561197993415085) | BadVehicle: R Alpha 1-3:1 (-[023]-Amaterasu) REMOTE :: B_mas_HMMWV_M2 :: @145168 [14558.3,16814.9,-0.00888252] (v0028)"

20:28:35 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick 76561197993415085' by server.

im using  MAS vehicles on my server.


so please tell me what to do and how because i have tried everything i can.

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You have the vehicle white-list enabled but did not white-list all existing vehicles on your server (vehicle types)

So either you need to fill the array with them or you turn the check off by putting UVC = false;

UVC = true;    /* Use Vehicle Check(s) - default "EXILE" vehicles are white-listed by default! */
VehicleWhiteList[] =

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