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Hello fellow convicts!

The guys from True North Gaming is looking to set up a server, for our clan members, and anyone else who would like to play in a serious server, with active staff members, and a great community.
Therefor we are looking for someone to help us manage the server, and help us get it set up as we want it. We need two moderators, and one developer. We will have a TS3 server set up as soon as possible, and the forum is under construction as we speak.

A little bit about ourselfs, this project was started by me and a friend. We will fully finance this project by ourselfs, so you wont have to think about it. We are 22 and 24 years old, we are from Norway and we both have experience managing Arma (And other gameing servers) - And decided we'd like to start up a community based around Exile, and Arma in general. There will be set up diffrent servers depending on the success we have with the first one. The plan is to start with Exile, and possible expand to Exile Ryan Zombies if thats something that players would want, we are also considering servers with diffrent maps. But we don't want to decide this on our own, we want the community to tell us what they want, so we can bring the best gaming experience for you :)

So, what we are looking for:
Moderator - Open
Moderator - Open
Developer - Open

Please, either respond down below, or PM me and tell us a little bit about yourself, and why we should pick you instead of somebody else :)


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