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tri force Clan Tri Force is looking for players and members!

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HeavensAngel here, founder and leader of the clan Tri Force and my oh my, do we have a proposition for you!

A PVP server with dedicated and active admins (I myself being one of the admins) we present a server to you, that is on all day and night for you to play on. Want a server that caters its mods and events to what you want to have? We'll make sure that it happens! 

PVP arena
Race track
Zombies mod to be added soon per player request
Clans already active on the server

Players who make our server their home will be given a free beginners crate in order to get them started with materials to build a small home.

I've been running this international multigaming community for over 2 years now, and I want nothing more than for it to be a community where people from around the world can come together, and play games to have fun, and make connections! That's what I love so much about video games, is that they are social.

So send me a message on steam, on here, on our website forums, or our exile server steam group.

What are you waiting for? You'll never know if a server is better than your current one if you don't try it!
 See you all very soon!

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