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Throwing Shoes

Attachment's disappearing???


G'day fella's, noticed for a good few weeks now , that sometime's (most tbh) when you die, the attachments on your gun disappear when you get back to your body to pick your gear up. This includes scopes/bipods/silencers any attachment you have on it Goneski. Not a huge problem because of this glitch/error I keep a spare scope in my bags for said occasion. Nothing worse than getting back to your body in a combat situation grab your gun and the scope is gone.


But then again maybe I shouldn't die :)


Any Idea's ????


Feel free to move if in the wrong part of the forum.


Is this a serverside issue or Exile issue? I have had it happen on the 2 different servers I frequent :)  Thx in advance!!

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Had similar reports of attachments going poof... trying to find out more information from players

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