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Mods On In-Game "Expansion" List


I am running mods on my server, and I understand how the command line works, and I have it set for my server for the mods correctly, everything loads in just fine. However, when looking at the server through the server list in-game, under the "Expansions" list in the bottom right corner, it only shows a few of the mods I am using.

For example, I now have five mods running on the server. Everything I was running before shows up on the list, but the 5th one does not show on the list. When I change the order on the command like, like from

@Exile;@NATOV;@NATOW;@Ryanzombies;@HVP;@TYRK;     ones that show: NATO SF & SPETSNAZ VEHICLES, NATO SF & SPETSNAZ WEAPONS, Ryan's Zombies & Demons, Hollows Vehicle Pack


@Exile;@TYRK;@NATOV;@NATOW;@Ryanzombies;@HVP;     ones that show: TRYK's Multi-Play Unifrom's pack, NATO SF & SPETSNAZ VEHICLES, NATO SF & SPETSNAZ WEAPONS

only the first few show up (as seen above). The new mod now shows, but the last two no longer show. I would like for all of them to show. Anyone have any information on this?

Note: I have changed the names of the folders for some of the mods, as that does not affect anything.

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