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[Update] Castle 183 v2.1 DMS Static Mission (Altis)

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Updated to full v2.1 code including code clean up and cash added

Made a mission to go on the south island as not much happens down there, medium sized map edits so not huge for server restarts.

 "Castle 183"v2.1  static mission for Altis.
 Created by [CiC]red_ned using templates by eraser1
 18 years of CiC
 For Altis only.
 Running on DMS System

1.  Copy castle_183.sqf into a3_dms.pbo missions/static
2.  Copy castle_183_buildings.sqf into a3_dms.pbo objects/static
3.  Extract  map_configs/altis_config.sqf
4. Find
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1]];
 Change to (or add extra)
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1],["castle_183",1]];
5. Find
 DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects"];
 Change to (or add extra)
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects","castle_183_buildings"];
6. Repack altis_config.sqf into PBO
7.  Put a3_dms.pbo into /@ExileServer/addons/ on server and start.

Install instruction and images in download from

No BE or InfiSTAR additions apart from what you installed to run DMS. this will not run without DMS.

You can edit the mission text by changing the following in castle_183.sqf

// Define Mission Start message
_msgStart = ['#FFFF00', "Terrorist Pradatoru is building a new stronghold, go stop him!"];

// Define Mission Win message
_msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have successfully killed Pradatoru and his minions"];

// Define Mission Lose message
_msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"Pradatoru has gone to get more supplies, he will be back..."];





Edited by red_ned
changed DL to github
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updated mission to use my latest v2.1 logic and original v1.0 is in zip file still if people want it in that format

NOTE- to update if you have this mission already installed just replace castle_183.sqf in missions/static

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