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Maximum Number of Objects bug?


Hi all! I have a problem. It is my understanding that there is a limit on the maximum number of objects I can construct. I encountered this while building a second level for my base. What is strange is not this limitation itself, in fact I get and support this rule, whats strange is that this system seems to be flawed. As things stand now, I'm confused and increasingly frustrated about lost crafting items. Let me explain my confusion: First off, all objects seem to be affected, or no? It would be great to know how this feature works in the first place and get some transparency. Does this rule also affect vehicles or only construction objects? What objects specifically? The main issue is that after receiving a MAX NR OF OBJECTS warning, and I pack a crate for example to reduce the number, there is no object slot freed up! So, although the total number of objects should have decreased, opening up a slot for placing, lets say, a fireplace for example, alas the answer is no and I still get the same warning dialog. Ist there a counter somewhere that I can check while pimping my crib? So, right now I'm stuck with no stairs to the first floor, less and less crates, holes in my wall  and roof, and no way to patch things up. All of this nonsense just to place a fireplace and crafting table. My biggest beef with the system is that in some cases it will let me construct something, like stairs for example, and lets me place them just fine, but as soon as I hit MOVE, the damn thing disappears into another dimension, never to be seen again...so I give up, roam the map a bit, do some missions, come back and then it resets arbitrarily, telling me I can build again. It seems like the counter resets sometimes or can it be related to server restarts? Hope you can help and thanks for reading :)

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