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Hi all inmates/survivors.

As it is now, i'm trying to set up an Esseker server, however, i'm not gonna pretend that i do know awhole lot of Coding etc, cause i don't, i learn as i go, allready had to reinstall the dedicated server 2 times ;) (goes fairly fast).


But as it is, i wan't to give something back to all the community of players that have given me houres of fun and moste of all, online friends :) and now that my baby has arrived so i have to focus abit on my family and work as well, therefore i kinda looking for a dedicated fellow that want's and knows alot more then me how to run stuff like coding etc, of course i'll be a part of the server in any way i can, but  i need admin that feels about the same as i do.


I have a pretty good idea about the mods and so forth i want on the server etc, but i'll be honest, only thing i could succesfully implement was DMS missions, wich was fairly easy as it was basicly drag and drop to make it work :P 


I'm not a fan of abusing admins that are using their "power" to get advantages or their friends, only thoose that works as either a spectator or a fair player (collecting loot and sells them for tabs etc) only using their power for fixing bugs and making hackers short  lived on the server etc.


If you feel that you are the right person, please let me know.


This Server i wan't in the end, to be a fun and fair for thoose that joining it.




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Hello Cupz, If you're looking for an Dedicated Admin, I am available, I've had thousands of hours of experience with Arma  (Arma 2 + Arma 3 Over 4k Hours Combined) I'm good with infistar. I'm 17, If you are looking for a dedicated admin I Could be one IF you're looking for one, Add me We can talk more there.

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