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hello I'm jedi-sy from celts warrior gaming  aka celtsclan.com

we have just opened up a 70slot exile server on altis and need some help with configuring the server and admin

iv owned plenty of arma 3 servers in the past but exile is proving to be a pain in the @ss lol there's lots I can do but there's lots I cant and would like to bring in someone to help me out

I have no money to offer so don't come asking lol but what I can offer is a good gaming community.

celts currently has 3 battlefield server   1 bf4    2 bfhl  and we are pretty high ranking in the battlefield area.

we have opened this exile server to integrate the steam community back in to celts and bring new blood in.

celts is based in uk but we are a EU community everyone's welcome.

so if you have experience in adding scripts an mods or even just interested in being a admin then please comment below or add me on steam   CeltS_jedi-sy

thank you for you time in reading this!

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