Vehicle inventory always shows full?

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My players have had problems with their vehicle inventory showing full when it obviously is not. We thought that perhaps it was a bugged vehicle so I purchased a new truck and transferred my gear to it. The new truck was okay briefly and then we had the same problem. You could take one item out of the inventory and then not be able to put the same item back in. One of my players mentioned that today so I asked him to log out to the server lobby and then rejoin. That cured the problem. He had the same available inventory space again. I'm sure that the problem will return, but at least it's a workaround.


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As far as I know there is no fix for this bug at this time. It happens on my server as well, and the quick fix is to log and log back on. It seems to only happen when you sell for inside from the vehicle crate. I haven't seen it happen if you load up in your backpack and such and then go sell everything that way. Only down fall is it takes time to do it that way.

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