Hey whatsupp together.
At first, i'm trying to help you, if it doesn't work. Tell me and i'm trying to find some solution!

Today i'm gone show you, how we can easy fix a MYSQL-Server bug. My bug was looking like this:
  Sounds terrible i know. But it isn't. Here are my solutions. It exist 2 Way's. Which you choose, i dont care. Way 1
-For the first problem you need a Console for your Database like MYSQL Workbench.
If you opened. You need to go to your exile Databse with a doubleclick. If exile is open and you can see al your tables (if not, you need to setup your databse correctly). -Next you go write a new SQL command with these button with the + in the Paper.
-*First you write SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode; - And start the command with the lightning. -it opens a formular with sql_mode: (and some Text), -Next you write a new command with: SET @@GLOBAL.sql_mode= ''; - And start it with the lightning -You go to the step with the '*' back. And write the command with SELECT  again. If the modes are gone and there is just sql_mode: ' '. -Now we gonne need to Set the strict mode. SET @@GLOBAL.sql_mode= 'NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION'; - And start it with the lightning -Now we go to make sure, it activate it. with the SELECT  command again (the step with the '*') - If it looks like this: (on the Picture)
-you win. And it shoud work!

Way 2
- You need to aviable to see all folders. Then you go to the path C >>ProgramData >> MYSQL >> MYSQL Server 5.7 >> my.ini and minimze it! - WIth win + R you, then you write ' services.msc '. You search MYSQL57, then you stop it with rightclick! -You go back to the file we opened (my.ini). Search sql-mode: -Edit the line to sql-mode="NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION" -you save it and close it. -go back to the services.msc, and start the mysql again!
-You win, the server should work!   If it doesn't work. Let me know.
If it work. Let me know also. //Guess BlugDeg