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Looking for a bit of help

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Hi guys, 

I am looking for a mathy type smart person who is good with numbers to create me a "trading economy" that involves some very low numbers, what I mean is to say. I want a trading economy where for instance, 2000 pop tabs would be the upper limit of an any item (note:2000 is just a number I came up with, if it needs to be higher thats fine), but everything from there is  priced appropriately.. Think, pop tabs in a physical sense rather than a generic number value that can grow exponentially....if you have played fallout 4, kind of like that, where having over 1000 caps was a big deal..

Am I making sense? Basically taking the EXILE arsenal and throwing it in a spreadsheet and doing some number magic to compress the values down.

Anyways, I could have a crack at it but I am sure there is a method to the madness where someone a lot smarter with numbers than me could come up with something.

This will go hand in hand with something I am working on where players can drop money...

Any help would be appreciated... =)

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