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Steam Workshop Mods Auto Update?

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I am not sure this specific question has been asked... I haven not seen it, there for the answer must be simple, and I am just missing it...

So I run a few mods on my servers that are "workshop" mods... E.g. Cup & Mas... Yesterday there apparently was an update to CUP.. so this morning when I got up... players where yelling that they were getting kicked.  Well of course they were A3 Launcher updated CUP...  My servers were still running the older version.  Before A3 was updated to this new steam version the mods would be downloaded into an @whatever folder.  Now they are located in the workshop folder under some random number.  Hang in there I am getting to my question...  Before I could just go and copy that folder over to my server, easy peasy.  However, now when there is an update, assuming I know of it... I have to dig around in this random numbered folder for my mods,  and copy them over to my server.  There must be an easier way...  is there?

Is there a way for my server to "auto-update" the Workshop mods that I run?  Could I run something in the start command that says "hey, go look and see if these mods have been updated, and if so update them on the server"?

Thank you for your help!



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If I'm not mistaken, you can turn off the auto-update feature in Steam. I like it because it keeps my game library up to date auto-magically. However, some people with good reasons do not want that to happen.

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Thank you, I'll look into that. An auto update on my servers would be great...it would keep things more cohesive across the mods.  However, I don't really see an option other than copying the mod from my client to my servers after there has been an update. 

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