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Perfect we were looking for another guy last night just let me know if your still interested.

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On 2/7/2016 at 8:25 PM, USapollo said:

looking for a group of guys to play with not looking for anything hardcore just some guys i can hangout with and have fun i have almost 400 hours on arma 3 and im trying to get back into it send me a message on steam if you would like another to join your ranks. oh and i have a mic and ts3. steam:

My group, Intellectual Property  =IP= is currently looking for more players to join us in battle in Arma 3 Exile. We play Arma 3 Exile mod on a server that has custom missions, uses CUP terrain pack, and has zombie hoards.

We have several sizable bases and many vehicles, but are looking for more members. 

=IP= Is a small international multi-game community, focusing on games that promote teamwork. We have our own mumble server, which we use for group communication.

If you are interested then feel free to msg me on steam.


Server Name:TFG Exile Chernarus|5K-Start|Hordes|Capture and Hold|Infection
Game:Arma 3
Location: Canada
Map Name:Chernarus

View our Steam group page (request invite by steam text):

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