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PvP Survival Mode - Suggestions?

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What server settings should be enforced in a PvP, low-tech, rare-loot, survival oriented server?  I think this kind of game mode should receive official support from the devs alongside "Regular" and "Hardcore" modes but first people need to agree on some common "Survival Mode" settings.

I've got a few below to get us started; please add your own suggestions.

  1. Enforced 1PP (or at least no 3rd person view in firefights)
  2. Enforced 1PP in passenger seats of vehicles
  3. Maximum 4 players in a party
  4. No weapons over 7.62 calibre in traders
  5. No optics over 2 x magnification in traders
  6. DLC weapons, DLC optics, thermal, suppressors, bipods, anti-materiel rifles, powerful body armour all have rare spawn rates
  7. No HUD/waypoint/party markers
  8. Players start without compass, map, radio, watch
  9. No crosshair. Ever.
  10. Include civilian types of guns from CUP Weapons?
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