[Update] Kill the Mayor v2.1 DMS Static Mission (Altis)

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Updated 27 March 2017 to use v2.1 logic with full difficulty settings and cash in crates

As there is no Mayor AI, I made this to be a "kill the troops repairing the Mayors mansion and stop his return" kind of mission filling in some unused coastline on South East of map.

Mapping is by @Pradatoru

 "Kill the Mayor" v2.1 static mission for Altis.
 Credits to Pradatoru for mapping
 Created by [CiC]red_ned using templates by eraser1
 18 years of CiC
 For Altis only.
 Running on DMS System

1.  Copy mayor.sqf into a3_dms.pbo missions/static
2.  Copy mayor_buildings.sqf into a3_dms.pbo objects/static
3.  Extract  map_configs/altis_config.sqf
4. Find
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1]];
 Change to (or add extra)
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1],["ai_island",1],["mayor",1]];
5. Find
 DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects"];
 Change to (or add extra)
 DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects","ai_island_buildings","mayor_buildings"];
6. Repack altis_config.sqf into PBO
7.  Put a3_dms.pbo into /@ExileServer/addons/ on server and start.


Install instruction and images in download from

No BE or InfiSTAR additions apart from what you installed to run DMS. this will not run without DMS.

You can edit the mission text by changing the following in mayor.sqf

// Define Mission Start message
_msgStart = ['#FFFF00', "The old Mayors troups are trying to set up his old home"];

// Define Mission Win message
_msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have successfully killed the Mayors troups and prevented his return"];

// Define Mission Lose message
_msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"The Mayors troups have left his house to continue planning the Mayors return..."];






Edited by red_ned
changed DL to github
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5 minutes ago, CEN said:

Always ALTIS! :(

sorry I run an altis server, I can look at other maps but couldn't test so if you have an idea of where to build on what map then I could take a stab at it

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currently downloading:

Bornholm, Esseker, Lingor, Panthera and Taviana.

As I don't play any of them or own a server will need someone to check errors but I can give them a go, will probably redo some of the ones I have done on the other maps.

Let me know ideas or if anyone can help test. cheers

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3 hours ago, Patrick88 said:

how can you increase the number of loot ?

if you look for


1st crate contains 50 guns, 75 items and 12 backpacks

2nd crate contains 20 guns, 70 items, 10 backpacks

I adjusted this one a little due to it being a bit easier than some so dropped the items down but just change the numbers (its the same line on all my missions)

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