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No knowledge of BE Filters #37 error


Hi, i'm new on the Arma 3 server ownership !

Today i'm trying to do an Exile server with a StatusBar, then i used a statusbar find here https://github.com/CRE4MPIE/StatusBar  (http://www.exilemod.com/topic/387-statusbar-script/?page=1)

My problem, is when now i try to connect to my server i get kicked by BattleEye with the error code #38. So can u help me pls ? (Without BE it works well (but it not centered :P))

Here is my differents files : 

Scripts.txt : http://pastebin.com/1xLuScEE

scripts.log : http://pastebin.com/fjmBr4eC


Thanks to you ! Soz for my bad english, i'm french boy

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I tried to add " !="execVM \"addons\statusBar\statusBar.sqf\"" "

just before 7 camCreate  .....

but i still get the same error :/

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