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Shadow Tactical is a relatively new community based primarily around the ArmA III game, however we inherit a lot of our community and team from a former group, Section 9.

We have multiple servers that are running different variations of missions / mods, including our ArmA III Tactical / Realism server.

Our latest addition is our Exile server, which is what brings me here.


The role will be to assist and support myself and the rest of the team in establishing, developing and operating our ArmA III: Exile server.

What we require:
- Someone who is familiar with scripting in ArmA and Exile.
- Someone who has their own ideas & opinions and voice.
- Someone who is hands on and always gives it 100%.

The ideal candidate:
- Someone who is familiar with Git.
- Someone who understands the need for organisation.


This is a great opportunity to get started somewhere.

We already have a roadmap of where we want to be.

So what are you waiting for?... Get in touch. :)

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And you're not play Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone Complex: First Assault because....?



just playin that's a cool clan name welcome to exile :)

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