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We have set up a community called [EXO] short for Extraordinary, we are running an Exile Chernarus,  Exile Takistan and Exile Tanoa server. Our servers are ranked high on GameTracker for Exile servers worldwide! We have a steady player-base on our servers and website!

Everyone has a personal life and since we do this for love of the game and the community we are in need of extra help so everyone can focus on his or her task(s). We are looking for mature individuals with experience and preferably 18+ of age, good English and willing to spend some time on in community, every position has it's requirements so we will not just take you in! We are taking this serious and want to take our community to the next level!

We are looking for individuals for the following positions:
Developer (SQF, SQM and C#)
Scripter (SQF, SQM and C#)
Admin (Preferably experienced)
Forum Moderator (Preferably experienced)
Web-developer (Experience with IP Board)
Graphics Designer
Skinner (Create HQ skins for vehicles on our servers)

If you want to apply, we welcome you to our Teamspeak server but first introduce yourself by sending me a private message here or on our website with a short introduction.



[EXO] Community

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Really good server to play and awesome admins. Just moved on to making our own but we pop back now and then.

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EXO has some really nice features on their servers, probably the best out there (especially their hacking of safes and grinding base doors with batteries). I wish these features were in the core Exilemod, because they solve a lot of the stuff that's been missing (base raiding). I'm sure working with their team is a blast. :)

*free bump*

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