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Setting up day/ night?


Hey im wanting to set my server up to do 1 hour of day and 10 mins of night i grabbed this from a most i seen on here can someone help me with the values of this please to make it to the times i require?

if (!isServer) exitWith {};

__startingdate = [2015, 04, 25, 3+floor (random 8), 00]; //2015 = Year, 04 = Month, 3+floor //(random 8) = random time between 3am and 10am, 00 = minite
setdate _startingdate;

//If you dont want a random start time change 3+floor (random 8) to a solid 24 hour time integer, like 10 for 10am

while {true} do
    if (daytime >= 19 || daytime < 5) then   // Adjust these for when you want "night time"
        setTimeMultiplier 10      // adjust this value for slower or faster night cycle
        setTimeMultiplier 5      // adjust this value for slower or faster day cycle  

    uiSleep 120;


also i know i make this into a new file it said put it into the mpmissions then a addons folder do i make the addons folder in the mpmissions folder and just drop it in there or do i actually have to extract the pbo and put it inside there along with the init?

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