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[Closed]UK/EU Admin Support Wanted

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Hi, looking for assistance from an experienced admin to help further develop and secure a newly established Exile community server. We're an adult gaming community (established since 2002) with a fair bit of experience but a bit thin on the ground on tech experience. We do have a couple of admins (a Linux server guy and myself with A2/A3 server experience, one or two others with bits and pieces). We could really do with another piece to the puzzle though for behind the scenes stuff.

I am looking for a mature and experienced admin, in particular with experience with  SQL (back-ups , porting data etc) and BattleEye to help ensue resilience and longevity of our servers, as well as guide with future expansions. 

We currently have one public hosted server (a sponsored 70 slot) that is running as our main bread & butter Bornholm (and Mas 1.10) server. It is building activity (ranked in the 400s and rising). We also have a small test server and a very powerful Linux dedi box available (shared with our MC server).  Our plan is to continue to develop our Bornholm server and to open a Namalsk server on the Dedi box upon its launch. Then I will be looking to  potentially move our Bornholm   the dedi box  too or maybe maybe invest in a Windows dedi box purely for our Exile server(s) - again depending upon circumstances  - again why I need an experienced admin to bounce ideas around with and get advice from.

We'd be looking for someone who is reliable, adult, English speaking, uses TS and has a sense of integrity. Give me a message if you're interested. No fly-by nights, kidmins, chancers or nuggets though please! :D

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